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Do You Think User Experience And Customer Experience Are The Same?

The two terms – user experience and customer experience – are often confused with one another, and are used interchangeably; but that is the case with laymen. But, professionals should know that these two terms are actually different and have their own individual characteristics. User experience is not customer experience, but is only a part of it. Let us get deeper into the difference between the two.

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How Can You Design Intuitive Navigation Using Wayfinding?

It is very important to improve your website’s User Experience if you want people to enjoy staying on your site for longer, which can ultimately affect your website’s ranking on SERPs, thus increasing business. And, to improve this User Experience, you need to make it easy for people to find the information they are looking for, and to complete the tasks they wish to accomplish. To brief it up, you need to provide intuitive navigation to users on your website. To make this task easier, the principles of wayfinding can help. Wayfinding is a way in which people orient themselves and navigate from place to place to find their way around. It is a method that helps users understand where they are, how they got there, and where they need to go from there.

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How Does Twitter’s “Advanced Search” Benefit Digital Marketers?

What does the search tool box on any website help you to do? It definitely brings a quick result for the particular word you type into the box. You type in one word or phrase and get a whole list of results on the site that contain the particular word(s). However, Twitter, with its “Advanced Search” option is one step ahead. Brands marketing their products/services through social media sites need lots of research and information to obtain results. The Advanced Search option helps with this while also helping to increase brand value and find new customers, along with monitoring feedback.

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How To Analyze And Have The Best Content On Your Site?

Content marketing is one of the ways to draw customers to your site and attract them towards your products and services. Users when land on a site, first scan the page for getting an idea of what the page is all about. If they find the content to be useful to them, they further read it in detail and go through all the particulars before making a buying decision. This is why content plays a very important role to engage customers with the site and promote the website’s content to them. Therefore, the content needs to be planned well in a way that it enables customers to stay engaged for a longer time with the given information.


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What Are The Best SEO Strategies For 2017?

Do you think you can effectively manage SEO? Do you know the latest SEO trends and requirements for 2017? Do you know the best SEO strategies for this year? If your answer to all these questions is a NO, you definitely need a professional SEO company in India to help you. And if your answer is YES, you need to be sure that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date with all the latest strategies. The below guide will help you watch over your site for the best possible strategies that will have you winning over your competitors this year.


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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) describes the Web experiences that can compete with rich immersive native apps in terms of fast smooth in-app browsing, full online support, full-bleed imagery, sign-in support for personalization and much more. However, although you can cache away all your website’s assets for instant loading, it is the first impression that is important. You have only a limit of 3 seconds to strike an impression. If your first load takes more than that, more than 50% of users will abandon your site and move on to something else. You may say that using a basic layout or lazy loading can solve the issue, but it isn’t the only solution. This is why websites are opting for PWAs and AMPs today. You can hire a professional Web design company in India to design your websites and apps in the most appropriate way by deciding whether an AMP would be better or PWA.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is what provides a website with the advantages of no installation and almost instant loading. You need a crazy-fast loading website for effortless and quick browsing. And for this, you need no excessive ads, no large-sized images and no thousand lines of JavaScript. All you need is relevant and useful content.

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Why Is Pageless Design The Future Of Web Designing?

We have always seen changes happening in web design trends. You need to keep yourself updated and get rid of the outdated conventions, or else you will be left amongst the crowd. You need to create a unique and satisfying web experience for the users by using technologies of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Today, the latest trend is pageless design, and this blog will state the various reasons why pageless design is the future of Web designing. Once you are satisfied with the benefits are make a decision of getting a pageless design for your brand, you can hire the most professional and efficient Web designers in India to get the job done for you quicker, better and more effectively.

Pageless Web Design

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Tools To Help You Find Innovative Content Ideas For Your Blog

As a blogger, you need to constantly post content; but remember that it’s not just content – it is about thrilling and captivating content. You need trending and intelligent ideas to create content that will keep your viewers hooked. So, what kind of ideas do you need, and where can those ideas come from? You can’t just sit and wait for ideas to spring up in your head because you don’t know when they would. It may be instantly or it may take forever. So, you need to “find” new ideas for your blog. Here are some tips to let you know where and how you can find them – find ideas that will bring a spark in your brain to create amazingly beautiful content on those topics. Follow these tips and you will never be out of ideas again!

Blog Content Ideas

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Which Factors Are Still Important For SEO Ranking?

SEO is ever-changing, and you need to keep up with the latest trends in order to gain visibility on SERPs among the millions of websites on the Web! Businesses are putting in their best efforts to have their websites ranked on the first page and on the top of SERPs. Some follow organic SEO practices, while others tread the road of paid advertising. If you are one who wants to go the SEO way, you need to know what the rules are. While some say that keywords, content and link building are no more of prime importance for ranking today, others say that they are still effective. So, how would you know what to stick to? Companies offering the best SEO services in India can help you know of the changing trends and rules of SEO. However, before you approach them, here is a basic idea of the factors that still matter to a great extent for SEO when used the right way.


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How Should Web Designers Deal With Clients?

Web designing is a career field that is not only fascinating and profitable but, it has lots of issues that designers have to face. These include meeting deadlines, using complicated or under performing tools, computer glitches and most importantly, dealing with difficult clients. Here is all you should know about dealing with customers.


Initial meeting with the client

Once you get in touch with a client, you need to set up a meeting with them to discuss what they need from you. When you are preparing to meet your client, make sure you are presentable. Wear something decent and casual. Carry with yourself a sketch book, marker, pen and your business card. When you are speaking to your client, you need to show that you are involved and passionate about your work. If you aren’t passionate enough, you will make no connection with your client. Next, you need to find out what your client needs. If you are able to satisfy their needs, your professionalism will definitely shine through. Also, you can let them know when you think what they want will not work the best for them. As and when you finalize on certain things, you must write them down and make notes of everything they say. Also, if you are a beginner, you must take up the job, no matter what the budget. However, whatever you do, don’t let them have the upper-hand at any cost or you will only lead to failure in the future because they will think that they can walk on you all over every time.

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