4 Software Development Trends You Must Use In 2017

The digital world is becoming more and more tech-savvy with each passing day. And, the ground of software development is dynamic with constant updates. Developers are determinedly trying to introduce newer products into the market along with advanced tech solutions. Let us see what has been and will be in store as the top software development trends for the year 2017.


The Cloud technology has always been highly preferred, especially for the mobile workforce. Today, more and more businesses are realizing the significance of Clots and are adopting it too. The only drawback that was seen with the Cloud was security and control, which has been taken care of by PaaS. This is why PaaS has seen to be gaining more momentum this year, as it can accelerate the growth of Cloud to the next level by helping users to run and manage application in Cloud without creating an associated infrastructure and algorithm. In fact, with the AI based analytics, more and more businesses will increasingly rely on PaaS-based solutions.

Google’s Go

The most popular programming language of 2016 – Google’s Go – is expected to rise too in the year 2017. It was added by Google to help the programming of their app engine for Cloud-based development. It has been highly preferred by software developers due to its superior performance, in-built support, excellent efficiency, and the simplicity with which it can be learnt as compared to other programming languages. Moreover, Google’s Go can also make use of multi-core programming.


One of the fastest growing software development technologies in demand – chatbots – are already there, but the year 2017 is going to see an increased integration of this technology. These intelligent bots are admired because they have re-defined the new edge of communication. They are in tune mainly with messaging apps, and have been designed in a way that they can expertly read facial expressions, analyze human emotions, and learn new skills.

Open Source

It’s true that Open Source is nothing new, but given its timeless appeal, it is still going steady and in fact, is being incorporated at a larger scale with a much accelerated pace this year. With Open Source, solutions across a business can be scaled up and made capable enough to integrate the latest plugins. With the demand for Open Source development being on the rise, 2017 is also expecting to witness more and more solutions to be built on popular Open Source platforms like Linux. After all, Open Source helps companies to evolve further and stay in tune with the latest trends and demands; allowing to gain higher exposure and be a part of the Open Source community. Because of such superior flexibility, majority of software development companies prefer these platforms so that they can tailor solutions to every customer’s specific demands.

Software developing is one of the forever growing industries that always observes new kinds of technologies coming up every year.  Stay in trend and look out for even more trends that will come up by the end of this year, and more of them coming up each year. The easiest way to stay in trend is by hiring a professional Web design company in Bangalore who knows the ins and outs of the business, and is always updated with the latest trends, no matter what they may be.

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