Do You Think User Experience And Customer Experience Are The Same?

The two terms – user experience and customer experience – are often confused with one another, and are used interchangeably; but that is the case with laymen. But, professionals should know that these two terms are actually different and have their own individual characteristics. User experience is not customer experience, but is only a part of it. Let us get deeper into the difference between the two.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User experience is the experience of the user with a specific product/service. To build a great user experience, the website owner needs to focus on the interface design that involves navigation, visual hierarchy, ease of use, etc. This means that websites need to not only be informative and helpful, but also enjoyable if they are looking to enhance the user experience. You can provide users with a great user experience by hiring the services of a professional web design company in India. UX is measured by the rate of errors, rate of abandonment, rate of success, number of clicks to completion, and time taken to complete a task. A great UX enable a user to search for information on a website, search for web pages, and finish a task, all of it quickly and easily.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience monitors the entire customer journey, right from the time they start comparing prices to the actual buying of the product. It refers to how the customers feel about everything that makes up the brand like product pricing, product delivery, advertising, customer services, sales process, and user experience of each individual product. Therefore, a customer experience consultant aligns business policies and plans with the overall experience of the customers in order to satisfy them. CX is measured by overall experience of the customers like probability of continuing use and recommendation of the brand to others. A great CX enables users to feel positive about the total experience with the brand, and have a supportive and enjoyable communication with the representatives of the brand.

How to provide customers with great UX and CX?

Even though both UX and CX are different, but they both are equally important; and in order to satisfy your customers, you must provide them with consistent UX and CX experience. Here’s how you can do so.

  • Try to make your products more innovative and user-friendly from time to time, and also remember to test them frequently. See if you can create a newer and better version of your existing products to solve customer pain points more efficiently.
  • Many people use more than one device and browser to complete a task. Providing them with multi-device and multi-browser experiences will definitely work to earn their affection.
  • Provide your contact information easily so that customers can contact you as soon as they wish to. Provide your number, address, email, and all sorts of available contacts, and be available to them when they need you; no matter whether they want to clear a doubt, or give their feedback.
  • Just as important as it is to be available to listen to your customers, you must be quick and prompt in responding to them too. Whether they have stated a query or have given their feedback (positive or negative), they are expecting a reply. Responding to them will help them feel that you value them, which will give them even more satisfaction.

Every brand wants their customers to be happy at every point of time when they are dealing with them, whether it is the initial stages of searching, or final stages of making a purchase, or even during after sales service. So for this, you need to focus upon providing your customers with an ultimate customer experience! Wondering how you can do so? A competent and experienced web design company in India is the solution.

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