How Does Twitter’s “Advanced Search” Benefit Digital Marketers?

What does the search tool box on any website help you to do? It definitely brings a quick result for the particular word you type into the box. You type in one word or phrase and get a whole list of results on the site that contain the particular word(s). However, Twitter, with its “Advanced Search” option is one step ahead. Brands marketing their products/services through social media sites need lots of research and information to obtain results. The Advanced Search option helps with this while also helping to increase brand value and find new customers, along with monitoring feedback.

How can you use Twitter’s Advanced Search option?

For getting a detailed amount of information on a particular subject, you can go to or click on the advanced search option on the left side of your Twitter search screen. You will be encountered with a list of options that you can use to narrow down your results. There is a long list of advanced search options you can find on Twitter.

  • Words – This will help you search all the tweets categorized under a hashtag with the word you type into the box. You can also denote what your search results must or must not have.
  • Date – This will help you find all the tweets published on a particular date, no matter how old it may be, because Twitter’s enormous directory stores each and every tweet from the past.
  • People – This will help you find for any person you may be looking for – it could be a mutual connection, or someone mentioned by someone.
  • Place – This will help you find all the tweets published from a particular location you choose. Or, you may also find accounts of people staying in the particular area.
  • Others – With this option, you can find tweets that include questions, or tweets that have a positive/negative tone about them.


What all benefits can be reaped from Twitter’s Advanced Search option?

Not only can users benefit from this great option from Twitter, but digital marketers can maximize their profits with it too. With this option, they can analyze a lot of information about their customers and the market, using which they can plan up their strategies.

  • Analyzing what is said about the brand – Using the brand’s name as the keyword, the opinions and feedback of users can be discovered that will help to understand their demands for particular products/services, and the queries that are left unsolved.
  • Observing the approach of customers – Both positive and negative customer responses can be found that can help to differentiate between compliments and poor reviews.
  • Scrutinizing popular tweets/topics – The most shared and winning tweets and topics can be found to understand what is trending and what people are interested in.
  • Finding posts of a particular account – Tweets of a particular account that needs to be viewed can be found with this feature; thus making it easier to keep track of a rival brand’s actions.
  • Answering queries – Related questions under a particular field can be found and answered by sorting out tweets with a question mark, in order to increase engagement and influence.


These are just a few benefits that can be reaped from the Advanced Search option. And, this is just one feature that can bring such innumerous benefits. There are multiple such features that can benefit both digital marketers and users. To help you utilize all such valuable elements for marketing your brand, you must get in touch with a professional and expert SEO company in Bangalore, who has all the required knowledge to guide you through the process for the best possible outcomes.

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