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All You Want To Know About Heading Tags And SEO

Heading tags are a vital element required to properly structure a piece of content. These tags help in differentiating different parts of Web page content. <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define the different headings on a Web document, where <h1> is the first and the most important heading of a document followed by the others in serial order i.e. <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6>. <h6> is the last and least important heading that holds very less significance in a document as compared to other heading tags. This is why <h1> is the boldest tag and <h6> is the smallest one. Heading tags come with a variety of attributes to make user-friendly websites. But, search engines use these tags only to index the content.


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Mobile Optimization Tactics For Your m-Commerce Site

In 2015, Google had announced that there were more searches taking place on mobile devices worldwide as compared to desktop. And, in the past one year, there has only been a steady and increasing shift towards mobile. This is the reason why online retailers have to divide their focus from only eCommerce to m-Commerce too. This is a name given to retail transactions that take place on mobile devices. So, in order to attract mobile transactions on their sites, online retailers need to understand the importance of a dedicated and optimized mobile presence of their site and implement the same too. But, do you know how to implement mobile optimization tactics to increase visibility of your site on mobiles? Either you hire a reputed eCommerce website development company to help you or you follow the below mentioned steps – the choice is yours.



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New Features That Are Ready To Boost Up Website Speeds

Speed has been and still is one of the most looked after elements of a website. It is the major metric of progress today and is one of the features every web design company focuses on. Here are a few features that will help upgrade your site to the best speed for 2016.


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How Can You Get Your Content Into Google News?

Google News is a computer-generated news website that collects and combines news stories from different sources worldwide. It then groups similar stories together and displays them according to the preferences and interests of the viewers. You can search for news topics on Google by visiting the site or by selecting the ‘News’ section below the main search bar on Google’s homepage. You may be creating fantastic news content but, you are unable to reach a wider set of audience because you are unable to get your content into Google News. If you want to get your content into Google News, you must read ahead to know what you might be missing on.

Get-Your-Content-Into- Google-News

Get Your Content Into Google News


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How To Perform The Most Important SEO Tasks In Order Of Priority

You may be following certain SEO tasks like writing great content, following great content marketing strategies, social media marketing and many other on-page and off-page tactics but, are you following them in the right manner? Almost everything in life should be followed as per a schedule to attain positive results. Similarly, in order to achieve website success, you need to plan an SEO program too. You need to know which tasks are highly important to accomplish first and which tasks can be left behind for later. If you perform the lesser important ones first and lag behind on the important ones, you may not be able to achieve your goals. So, it is very important that you prioritize your SEO tasks properly. Although, there is no particular planner to follow but, you can split up your tasks in categories like highly important, lesser significant and least imperative. Hire the best SEO services in India or plan up the SEO strategies for your company by taking a look at some common categorized SEO tasks below.

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Give Your Users What They Want From Your Website

Giving your users an excellent online experience is one of the most important pillars of web design and success. There have been many strategies that have come up over time for better user experience. One of the very initial strategies was to focus on having keywords in the content. It was advised to do as much on-page and off-page keyword optimization as possible so that one could get lots of backlinks, which would in turn result in higher ranking in SERPs for those specific keywords. Also, more the amount of keyword usage, more visitors would come to your site searching for those keywords. Another strategy was to include as many long-tail keywords as possible in the content.


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How can one Improve on Link Building Techniques?

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have brought a number of changes to the digital marketing industry in the past two years. These updates have changed the practices, strategies and ways of thinking. One of the elements that has been affected by these updates is backlinks. Google’s updates have changed the way backlinks should be created.

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How Can You Improve Traffic Through A Social Media Audit?

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand to a large number of audiences, and considering this, you might have promoted your business on some or the other social media platform. But, have you ever considered an audit of your social media marketing? You can learn a lot if you examine how your online brand is managed. Below is a list of what your audit should cover.


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How to Increase Mobile User Experience?



Do you have a mobile website? Is it responsive? Is it able to bring in conversions? There are many questions to answer in order to know if the users are liking your site. With the highly increased use of mobile internet, it is important that your mobile website should bring great user experience. It is obviously not so easy to engage users and hold on their attention for long but, you need to keep trying if you want conversions. It takes a lot to interest your users and keep them on your site for longer. Here are a few guidelines.


Calculate your website’s metrics


First of all, you need to know where you are standing. There is lots to calculate in order to analyze how users are engaging with your site. Check for how many users are visiting your site everyday, their duration for everytime they visit the site, the most-viewed pages and their comments or shares. There are many other criteria for calculating user engagement with your site. Different sites have different methods of evaluation. After this analysis, you will know where you need to improve and you can take steps to boost user experience.


Compare with others


Another check to be made by you. There are millions of mobile sites on the web with thousands that are of the same field as you. Out of these thousands, only those that are the most unique and engaging will achieve. Check which sites these are and compare with them to know what they are offering and where they stand above you. Study what brings in heavy traffic to their site and see how they interact with their visitors. You will then have an idea as to which gaps you need to fill up in your website.


Get into your customer’s shoes


First-time users will not wait long before creating an impression about you. They will decide whether you are useful or not in just the first few seconds. So, you need to be very careful while creating the first impression in their minds. Try creating such a landing page that it grabs their attention for long. Try to understand what your customers want and what they need. Don’t pressurize them with what you want to give them.


Clear Call-To-Actions


Now, here you have to know what exactly you want your visitors to do when they land on your page. Do you want them to sign up with you first? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletters? Put-in call-to-actions very clearly and make them easily findable so that the users know what you expect them to do and they don’t have to go looking for the button. Similarly, provide a clear available search option because it is one of the most important elements of a website.


Button sizes


One major problem faced by users on mobile sites is the button sizes. Many websites provide very tiny buttons, which are not easily clickable. Also, another problem faced is that more than one buttons are placed very near one another. Due to this, the users might try clicking on one button but, land up on another, which is very annoying. Remember that the mobile is generally browsed with the thumb. Provide buttons big enough to be clickable and provide enough space between two buttons so that users can easily click on the button they want to.


There are many other things that are required to be kept in mind while designing a website for mobile devices. In order to have a successful user experience, you need to hire services of responsive web development professionals to provide all required elements for your website to satisfy mobile users.

Tips to Design Successful Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages where the users are directed to when they search for something on search engines. Thus, your landing page must be impactful and should accomplish conversion goals. You should first understand what your goal is and how you can accomplish it, which will help you create and optimize your landing pages.

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