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Why Should You Opt For Custom Software Business Solutions?

Software solutions have been helping businesses for decades now, and companies are more than ever using these solutions today to grow and scale their business activities. In fact, businessmen are now opting for custom software solutions that are specifically designed for their business and requirements to help them grow better and faster. So, should you also go in for custom software development from a professional Web design company in Bangalore? Obviously! And here’s why.

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4 Software Development Trends You Must Use In 2017

The digital world is becoming more and more tech-savvy with each passing day. And, the ground of software development is dynamic with constant updates. Developers are determinedly trying to introduce newer products into the market along with advanced tech solutions. Let us see what has been and will be in store as the top software development trends for the year 2017.

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How many links you should have on a page-Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts posted a video explaining why Google no longer has that 100 links per page webmaster guideline.

Cutts says “It used to be the case that Google bot and our indexing system would truncate at 100 or 101K, and anything beyond that wouldn’t get indexed, and what we did, was we said, ‘Okay, if the page is 101K, 100K, then, you know, it’s reasonable to expect roughly one link per kilobyte, and therefore, something like 100 links on a page.’ So that was in our technical guidelines, and we said, you know, ‘This is what we recommend,’ and a lot of people assumed that if they had 102 links or something like that then we would view it as spam, and take action, but that was just kind of a rough guideline”

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