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Text Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out On In 2018!

Just as much as content, images, videos, and website structure are important for a successful website design, so is typography. The fonts used with its style, size, and color, are an important element that add to the visual appeal of a website. Your typography can also make or break user engagement by striking a good or bad first impression about your site. You need to know when you must use absolute professional styles and colors, and when you could go in for an informal tone. For example, if you are a corporate website doing seriously professional dealings, you must use formal font types and colors like black, indigo, grey, brown, white, etc.

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How Important Are Timelines For Avoiding Future Problems?

It often happens that a client and developer sit together to work upon a project and decide upon everything that needs to be done for a website. All the goals are defined, the designs are decided, and everything else is finalized. However, once the project is set into motion, up come changes. First come smaller changes here and there, which slowly and gradually start becoming bigger and bigger; and ultimately result into a complete design revamp. Obviously, when theoretical things start coming into practical practice, a few things and decisions are bound to change, but this doesn’t mean that the entire design is modified. If this happens, tiffs are created between the developer and client, which is absolutely wrong! Such massive changes not only lead to wasted efforts, but also wasted time; and so this must be avoided.

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