Text Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out On In 2018!

Just as much as content, images, videos, and website structure are important for a successful website design, so is typography. The fonts used with its style, size, and color, are an important element that add to the visual appeal of a website. Your typography can also make or break user engagement by striking a good or bad first impression about your site. You need to know when you must use absolute professional styles and colors, and when you could go in for an informal tone. For example, if you are a corporate website doing seriously professional dealings, you must use formal font types and colors like black, indigo, grey, brown, white, etc.

On the other hand, if you are a website selling baby stuff, you could opt for fancy fonts in colors like yellow, orange, pink, parrot green, etc. But, whatever your style and choice, you must make sure that your text is readable and complements what you do. Along with these basics, there are certain typography trends that you must follow in 2018 to make your site a success by impressing your visitors. You can hire professional website development services in Bangalore from experts who know not only the basics and the trends mentioned below, but also a lot more about designing and developing the right kinds of websites for the right businesses.

White text boxes

With websites getting more and more colourful, may it be professional themes or fancy ones, it becomes challenging to have the text stand out. You can’t cross out on the trending colour themes, and go in for white backgrounds, but you can always do the reverse. This means, with colourful backgrounds, images, and designs, you can always opt for white boxes as text containers! White spaces with dark text in them ensure readability and can also stand out. However, you can’t just put up a white box anywhere in the middle of your webpage. You need to do it appropriately. You need to place your white spaces strategically so that they don’t appear haphazardly placed on the design, and look good to the eyes of the users, wherever they are placed.

Above-the-scroll typing

Craft an attractive message that attracts your visitors and compels them to read what you write below in your main content. Keep it simple, but meaningful, valuable, and attractive. It could be your mission, vision, or value proposition for your users. Once done, type it down in a simple typeface, but keep it bold enough and use the right colour for it to catch the eyes of the visitors. And most importantly, place your message at the top of your page above the scroll, by making the right use of the space available, as this is where your visitors will first look.

Cut-out texts

Another very interesting way to speak to your visitors is through cut-out texts. You can do so by featuring a color block over your background image so that the image comes through the lettering. You can use this with both still and moving images and full-screen overlays. However, to make this work, you need to choose the right typeface. Also, the letters have to be thick so that the image or texture in the background is visible. Moreover, you need to ensure that your words and letters are limited. Don’t opt for more than three words, and use the most common words with not more than 10 letters each, so that users can read them easily.

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