Why Should You Enable SSL On Your Web Pages?

Security is always something that people are worried about. When it comes to buying a new house, a watchman is first looked out for. When it comes to banking, lockers are always chosen. When it comes to purchasing online, security of their credit card information is a huge concern. When it comes to surfing online, secured websites are always preferred. In every case, you can see how important security is for users.

Hackers have instilled the fear of user data being breached within the users, which is why they are always looking for internet security. This is why Google is cleaning up websites that are not secured to provide for a safe user experience online. The latest Google Chrome 56 possesses a new feature where non-secure pages that collect passwords or credit card details will be flagged with a “Not Secure” warning in the URL bar. This warning warns users that the website is not secured, and that if they proceed, their information will not be protected, thus making it vulnerable to cyber attacks. So, if the users proceed with these sites, they can risk their information on their own. And, for those cautious users, their data can be kept safe. However, this comes up as a problem for website owners who don’t have secured websites.

At present, it is only the leading Web browser – Google – who has developed this feature. But, seeing the success, other browsers are likely to adopt this feature too. Majority of users online prefer Google Chrome over any other Web browser, which can now drive away your users if your website is not secured. This increased security in Google Chrome is a good enough reason why websites must switch to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Enabling SSL certificates on your website is the ultimate solution to this new feature of Chrome.

If your website has an SSL certificate, it will not be marked as “Not Secure” by Chrome, or any browsers in the future for that matter. This SSL certificate is just a secure method of communicating over the internet. Enabling SSL means that visitors who come to your site will be welcomed with a reassuring “Secure” signal. This will have them comfortably and confidently proceed further into your website with their secret information too.

Moreover, SSL also boosts search engine rankings. Although minor, but it will be a matter of concern for Google to rank SSL certified websites higher than the others. SEO experts confirm that a non-secure website can hurt a business’ rankings. So, it is always better to work towards a more secure future. Hence, whether your old website, or whether you are planning to build a new one, make sure to have your Web design company in Bangalore enable SSL on all your Web pages. And, even if you don’t do so (while there is no reason for not doing so), it is just a matter of time before this feature becomes standard across all browsers. So, instead of making it harder by having a non-secure website, fix up your security issues and opt for a more secured website to please your customers.

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