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Matt Cutts wants to know: Why your small website not ranking well in Google?

Matt Cutts, asked final night around twitter for webmasters and SEO’s to fill out a consult on a subject of tiny sites and Google rankings.


Matt Cutts asked “if there’s a website that we consider should be doing improved in Google, tell us some-more. The form creates it transparent that stuffing out this form will not impact a ranking of a submitted.”

The form collects dual pieces of information:

  • The name and URL of a tiny site we consider should arrange well.
  • Why do we consider that small site should arrange better?

So if we have a tiny site and consider it should arrange better, make certain to tell Google about it.

Facebook Advertiser Professional Photos at No extra charges

One of the more preferred advertising channels is obviously Facebook.  Partly because so many people use it, but also because it provides advertisers with so much data to make decisions based on.

Facebook advertiser will now have access to millions of stock photos that are commercially licensed and available for all Facebook ad formats at no additional cost. This new effort seems to be connected to Facebook’s initiative to streamline its advertising with the hopes of making ads look and feel more consistent.


When creating a group of Facebook ads, image uploader allows people to select a range of page photos, images from previous ads and shutterstock images. The ability to simultaneously upload multiple images means advertisers can now create multiple ads at one time for a single campaign, and test images to increase performance of their campaigns.

By using Facebook to help promote your photography business and keep touch with your existing customers, it can become a very valuable tool in your Online marketing strategy.

CAPTCHAs act as some sort of hurdle between you and your customers

Web Developers and Web Designing Companies have been collaborating to try and combat spam with various methods for years. One method that is being used nearly unanimously by webmasters is the CAPTCHA which stands for- Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Some captcha are really hard to decipher, it looks like a child had written something with an ink-starved pen and then left the piece of paper out in the rain, quite artistic. If you try to attempt that code surprisingly it will be thrown back with an “incorrect code entered message”.


Let me tell you one story, I really wanted to register on the site, so I screwed up my face, got my eyes as close to the screen as possible before my focus started to distort, and tapped the letters and numbers into my keyboard.

“Incorrect code entered. Please try again”.

A few clicks later, and no CAPTCHA code to be seen, somehow I registered on the alternative site. But the same thing is not going to happen for all the customers, it makes an impression to quit the site and switch to another website, thereby it causes the damage to the usability of the website.

CATCHA damaging your client’s websites

Some users don’t have the patience to try and solve a capture several times, and other users have visual impairments that will simply not allow them to solve the CAPTCHA. These users are usually deterred, and will most likely not return to your site after such an experience. Although some advanced CAPTCHA forms have audio options (which allows the user to play an audio version of the CAPTCHA), many users are not aware of this option, and some users do not have speakers or are hearing impaired.

The widespread use of captcha in low-volume, low resource sites, on the other hand, is unnecessarily damaging to the experience of users with disabilities. An explicitly inaccessible access control mechanism should not be promoted as a solution, especially when other systems exist that are not only more accessible, but may be more effective, as well. It is strongly recommended that smaller sites adopt spam filtering and/or heuristic checks in place of CAPTCHA.

Think about it: you’ve developed a beautifully thought-out website from a particular Website Design Company with clear user-funnels, call to action, with everything gently pushing your visitors towards registering, purchasing, enquiring or otherwise completing a goal and then you stick a dirty great squiggle at the end that you users have to decode before completing the task will end up in the unfair process.

There are plenty of alternatives to CATCHAs, a quick search on the Internet will turn up plenty, but here are a few I’ve picked out: simple MATH questions (what’s the sum of 2 + 3), using pictures.

YouTube new features, you might have missed

The first change announced is an analytics feature called Top Fans that does pretty much what it sounds like: it tracks a You Tuber’s most influential or engaged fans, and lets the You Tuber know what they are doing.

Like most new features, in order to use Top Fans one has to link their Google+ account with YouTube, and once the accounts are synced, Top Fans will group these influential supporters in a separate Google+ circle. A You Tuber can then choose to send messages or share content with these special fans. Users in the United States with over 5,000 subscribers can sign up for the service.

Anyone who is tried to upload videos on YouTube knows how annoying it can get to refresh the page on and on till the video is finally uploaded and is ready to be shared. YouTube is making it easier for you to go about your work while your video uploads in the background. It will send you an email informing you when your video is done uploading and processing.

The other new feature will prove to be extremely useful if your channels have a high following on You Tube. Soon, all your YouTube videos will be set to private till you decide when it should be published. Until you specifically ask YouTube to publish your video, it will be treated as private so that it is only visible to you.

YouTube New Features

If you have a YouTube channel, you will have noticed that it has recently been upgraded to the new YouTube One channel Design. You can now:

  • Gain subscribers more easily
  • Get more channel visits
  • Let your band shine through in more places.

You Tube is rumored to be launching paid subscription channels in the upcoming weeks as well. This ease of upload could well be to appease subscription channel content creators. YouTube is an inexpensive way to gain brand visibility and rank in search engines for your important keywords.

YouTube is an excellent way to drive visitors to your website. Equally important is allowing individuals to access your YouTube company page through adding a YouTube link/button on your website.  From an SEO Company perspective, frequently adding fresh content to your channel and properly tagging your videos will allow you to utilize YouTube as an SEO channel.