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Google Analytics-Track The Web & App Data In A Single Reporting View

Google analytics announced that it is combining web and app data into a single reporting view, which helps the businesses that have multiple digital ways for their users like web, mobile apps, and other devices to better understand them.

Now analytics users can collect their data irrespective of their platform (mobile app or web) all of the stats can appear in a single view. Instead of talking about “visits”-which really only makes sense on the web-analytics now refers to “sessions” across the service.

Other changes include the addition of app-specific fields to the analytics.js JavaScript web collection library.

The new app-specific fields will include screen name, app name, app version and exception tracking to help users “more accurately” collect web app data.

Google claims the new changes that will take affect this week for users who are sending both web and mobile app data to a single property in their Google analytics account. For others their data will remain same, but they will see unified metric, dimension and segment names in their reports.