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Facebook’s Brand-new Source for Businesses

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Today, Facebook advertising has become an integral part of the marketing plans with businesses all around the world including, Fortune 500 companies.

Nobody in their wildest dreams could have predicted the massive impact that this little social site called Facebook formed in 2006 would have on everybody’s lives. This was never more evident then the way Facebook pages has completely changed advertising and the way online marketers approach the marketing of their product and services.

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Apple Acquired transit and navigation service-Hopstop


Transit directions have been one of the major missing components from Apple’s Maps App, which has released last year to replace Google Maps in IOS6 and on the iPhone 5.

Hopstop, which was iPhone, Android and web applications provides detailed subway, bus and taxi directions in 600 cities.

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Google confirms panda update is taking off: This one is more finely specific.

Many sites were hit hard in terms of search engine page ranking when Google introduced their major algorithm changes in 2011 and 2012. Since then, both Panda and penguin have undergone a number of updates and with each update, many sites have experienced a deterioration in their search engine positioning.

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The potential of web 3.0 standard to revolutionize the website Design


After the huge success of web 2.0 applications like social networking, rich media, blogs etc, many people are wondering about web 3.0 applications.

Use of AJAX technology in any website Design under web 2.0 surely results in increased interactivity of any site.

web 2.0

What can we expect from web 3.0?

Web 2.0 gave users direct control over the web and the ability to make it the way they want it to be. Now web 3.0 is another stage in the Web’s evolution that seeks to further take the web surfing experience to new heights. It is having the contents of the web specially tailored according to your needs.

Imagine yourself accessing the Web from your smartphone and searching for “mexican food” in your phone’s mobile web browser. It then comes up with a list of choices based on the information it can pull up from your surfing history (such as likes and dislikes, location, food habits, etc) without having to input extra keywords or clicking through more pages.

The web 3.0 standard is best to use for website development as it describes current trends for artificial cleverness

The specialty of web 3.0 is to highlight intelligence in great fashion by doing communication with people. W3C is another great standard especially framed for World Wide Web. This standard is mainly introduced for the enhancement of interoperability for different web related products, web tools, software. It is greatly used in website design. This standard has great importance in web design like web 2.0 and web 3.0 standards are.

Fifty five percent say that they increased collaboration through web 2.0 implementation. In terms of specific technologies being used, simulations, multi-player games, mobile learning and personalized learning portals were most popular. Most organizations believe that they can find what they are looking for on the first search, but personalized learning content is still not as prevalent as many would like it to be.

Learning from multiple resources and having a learning history, publishing user content to company training sites, and focusing learning or IT resources on web 3.0 still have a long way to go, with only 30 percent to 40 percent of organizations doing well.

Web 3.0 will be more personalized than anything we have experienced before because relevance is the most important trait to get people engaged. The core tricks of SEO services (link building, content generation, page optimization, etc.) will be less important as they will have little impact on the way semantic processing evaluates meaning (using triples).

Web 3.0: Benefits in Web Designing:

  • You don’t need to have a computer system to access the data, you can view any files, images, videos, or just any other information on your smart phones.
  • Custom Website Designing along with web 3.0 tools require altogether a new approach that eventually encourages developers to incorporate highly interactive and user friendly components in the website.
  • Incorporates highly advanced features in websites such as flash, animation, intensive graphics etc.
  • It has been proven very effective for developing software.
  • Better information connectivity.
  • Better web browsing and communication experience.
  • Complete control over information unlike information download issue in web 2.0
  • A custom website development with Web 3.0 tools ensures an all-inclusive new browsing experience.

Custom web development with Web 3.0 with its highly interactive features, easily availability of data, and intelligent data management will definitely change the entire scenario of web design.

Pretty cool huh? Don’t have to wrap your head around any of it.  Talk to our website development company in Bangalore and find out more about emerging web 3.0 websites and technologies that can give you and your online presence a real word edge.

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Many of the people think web designing and web development concept as same, but the two phrases actually mean two different things. Here is an simple example to differentiate those, suppose you plan to construct a building, you go to an civil engineer and tell your requirements so and so things should be there in accordance to your own taste, this is what web designer works on, and constructing a building with all the required materials right from basic foundation is nothing but what a Web Developer Bangalore works on.

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What Are Google Penalties & What to Do to Recover to Pure Spam

google-spam-canHave you ever received a Google Webmaster email stating that your site was given a “manual spam penalty” for having “pure spam”? This just recently happened to one of my clients.

“Pure spam” is actually a type of spam definition Google gives websites it feels has performed the most egregious types of spam actions. In this case, it wasn’t anything my client had done; rather user-generated content (UGC) was to blame for the heartache.

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Google Alerts No Longer Support RSS Delivery


After killing off Google Reader, the Internet giant has also closed down alerts via RSS. According to Search Engine Land, Google Alerts by RSS have also been axed after the Reader became part of history.

Users who want to be notified by Google Alerts on specific phrases or topics will no longer be able to send them to Google Reader, which means their inboxes will become cluttered.

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