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Google New AdWords Features -Google Search Ads, Display Network, YouTube and AdMob

Google finally announced about the new feature that are coming to AdWords.  The new features and tools will be rolling out of beta to all AdWords users over the next couple of months.

Google AdWords product management VP, Jerry Dischler shared several new initiatives with a select set of customers at the AdWords performance Forum.

Google offers app developers advertising opportunities through both search ads with AdWords and its mobile ad network AdMob. New search and AdMob ad features are coming along with app download ads on the Google Display Network and YouTube.

Google also announced a new “app re-engagement” campaign type in AdWords, which lets users go right to apps that have already been installed. Google uses the example that if you already have the HotelTonight app installed, and at some point you search on Google for “hotels in San Francisco,” you might get an add rom HotelTonight, which will let you open the app directly from the ad, and take you to the appropriate destination. That would be more helpful than simply going to HotelTonight’s main app landing page.

Google also adding new conversion measurement tools to AdWords, building on estimated Total conversions, which it launched last year.

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Google Analytics-Track The Web & App Data In A Single Reporting View

Google analytics announced that it is combining web and app data into a single reporting view, which helps the businesses that have multiple digital ways for their users like web, mobile apps, and other devices to better understand them.

Now analytics users can collect their data irrespective of their platform (mobile app or web) all of the stats can appear in a single view. Instead of talking about “visits”-which really only makes sense on the web-analytics now refers to “sessions” across the service.

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Twitter Launches Photo-Centric Profile Redesign

Twitter has launched a complete profile redesign on the web, featuring a photo-focused layout with a more Facebook-like cover photo, this redesign will roll out to all users over the next few weeks, but new users will get the look immediately.

Detailed in Twitter’s official announcement, designer David Bellona shares that the new Web profiles will feature a larger profile photo, a header (cover) photo, and the ability to pin your favorite tweets to the top of your profile.

Navigating the tweet streams of others now offers a few more options, including the ability to see just tweets with photos and videos attached, or seeing tweets and replies.

Pinned tweets and filtered tweets are also main features of the new design — just like Facebook. As for the new design’s similarities with Facebook and Google+, all three social networks now feature cover photos, overlapping profile photos, and a three-column layout.