Auto Event Tracking with Google Tag manager-No more JavaScript and HTML code.

Google announced a new version of Google Tag Manager with Auto-Event Tracking. You can now write rules instead of JavaScript and HTML.

Auto Event Tracking lets you track almost any user action without any additional JavaScript. It automatically captures user actions like clicks and form submissions.

The new Event Listener Tag can be used to tell Manager when you want to listen for events, and then write detailed rules for what to do when an event happens, which means you can have togs fire based on form submits, clicks and timers using a rule that looks for the corresponding event. You can make sure you’re getting the right form by using Auto-Event variable macros to narrow down your requests via attributes like the element ID and the form target.


There are four different types of user actions that the tag can detect. Again, each action results in a Google Tag Manager event.

  • Click Listener: This tag listens for a click on a page. This includes button clicks, link clicks, image clicks etc. When a click occurs, the Google Tag Manager event is automatically generated.
  • Form Listener: This tag will listen for any form submissions. When a for submissions accurs the Google Tag Manager event gtm.formsubmit is automatically generated.
  • Link Click Listener: Same as the click listener, except it only captures clicks on links. When a link is clicked, the Google Tag Manager event gtm.linkclick is automatically generated.
  • Timer Listener: This will collect data at some regular interval that you specify. For example, if you specify an interval of 10,000 milliseconds, GTM will fire an event every 10 seconds.

If you want to automatically listen for user actions you must include one of the above tags on the page where you would like to capture the user action.

To conclude: Is it worth using the Google Tag Manager?  Of course Yes, but Google Tag Manager is a bit complicated because it is a general tool that should work with any of your tracking code. Google analytics is very important and helpful for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it helps you to understand the user’s experience after visiting your site.


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