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How to Increase Mobile User Experience?



Do you have a mobile website? Is it responsive? Is it able to bring in conversions? There are many questions to answer in order to know if the users are liking your site. With the highly increased use of mobile internet, it is important that your mobile website should bring great user experience. It is obviously not so easy to engage users and hold on their attention for long but, you need to keep trying if you want conversions. It takes a lot to interest your users and keep them on your site for longer. Here are a few guidelines.


Calculate your website’s metrics


First of all, you need to know where you are standing. There is lots to calculate in order to analyze how users are engaging with your site. Check for how many users are visiting your site everyday, their duration for everytime they visit the site, the most-viewed pages and their comments or shares. There are many other criteria for calculating user engagement with your site. Different sites have different methods of evaluation. After this analysis, you will know where you need to improve and you can take steps to boost user experience.


Compare with others


Another check to be made by you. There are millions of mobile sites on the web with thousands that are of the same field as you. Out of these thousands, only those that are the most unique and engaging will achieve. Check which sites these are and compare with them to know what they are offering and where they stand above you. Study what brings in heavy traffic to their site and see how they interact with their visitors. You will then have an idea as to which gaps you need to fill up in your website.


Get into your customer’s shoes


First-time users will not wait long before creating an impression about you. They will decide whether you are useful or not in just the first few seconds. So, you need to be very careful while creating the first impression in their minds. Try creating such a landing page that it grabs their attention for long. Try to understand what your customers want and what they need. Don’t pressurize them with what you want to give them.


Clear Call-To-Actions


Now, here you have to know what exactly you want your visitors to do when they land on your page. Do you want them to sign up with you first? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletters? Put-in call-to-actions very clearly and make them easily findable so that the users know what you expect them to do and they don’t have to go looking for the button. Similarly, provide a clear available search option because it is one of the most important elements of a website.


Button sizes


One major problem faced by users on mobile sites is the button sizes. Many websites provide very tiny buttons, which are not easily clickable. Also, another problem faced is that more than one buttons are placed very near one another. Due to this, the users might try clicking on one button but, land up on another, which is very annoying. Remember that the mobile is generally browsed with the thumb. Provide buttons big enough to be clickable and provide enough space between two buttons so that users can easily click on the button they want to.


There are many other things that are required to be kept in mind while designing a website for mobile devices. In order to have a successful user experience, you need to hire services of responsive web development professionals to provide all required elements for your website to satisfy mobile users.

Why to hire experts for PSD to XHTML conversion?

A lot goes into building an efficient and responsive website. Conversion of PSD to XHTML is one of them.  Though there are many online tutorials for PSD-XHTML conversion, it is always recommended that you take the services of experts in order to get better results.

PSD-XHTML Conversion

Here are some reasons why you should be hiring an expert to get PSD to XHTML conversion for your website:

Better Online Presence

Every online company wants its online presence to be great. Each company is looking for ways in which they can leverage the online marketing tactics for better traffic and conversion rates. This is what you get once your take professionals PSD-XHTML conversion services.

Experts will build a well-structured website which meets the W3C validation standards, so that the website runs efficiently and at the same time attracts better web traffic. The semantic code used by them will ensure that all the necessary components of the website are placed in the right manner as it is truly important in order to make the website completely functional.

Along with this each and every page of your website will be error free making it easier for a smooth launch of your website.

Better SEO results

The way your website ranks in the search engine results plays a crucial role in the kind of traffic you will attract and the conversion rate you will see. A professional will help clog all the loop holes in your website design and make it more SEO friendly. The result – your website will be crawled in a better manner and thereby will garner improved rankings.

Responsive Website

Responsive website is the key to success for every online business. A responsive website is one which is compatible at various browsers, quick to download and navigate. All these features require seamless coding of CSS files and other technicalities. Even from the best of online tutorials it is hard to master these things. And this is why you need to hire the services of experts for PSD-XHTML conversion. They will build websites with the best coding structure possible and thereby transform your website into a responsive one.

Integration with Latest Technologies

This is one major advantage of hiring professionals. It is hard and time consuming for those with limited knowledge of technical aspects of website development to keep abreast with the latest technologies and using them in their website. Once you hire experts, you do not have to worry about your website being outdated.

The more abreast is your website with the latest technical changes, the more engaging and responsive it will be. Which in turn will generate better traffic, better SEO results and not to forget improved ROI.

These are some of the major reasons of why you should be hiring professional PSD-XHTML conversion services. A novice can rarely match the understanding and experience which experts have. Also it will help you save your time and energy. Thus you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business.

Hire a professional and experience the difference in your website’s performance!

What are the Advantages of PSD to HTML Conversion?

PSD-HTML conversion services are one of the most sought after services by websites. In fact there are several tutorials available on internet today. Converting your website from PSD to HTML has several advantages for web individuals, design professionals and most of all for your company. But before we move on to the advantages of PSD-HTML conversion, let us understand what does it really mean.

PSD-HTML Conversion

Usually ‘PSD to HTML’ is a wireframe or a flowchart. Typically a webpage is designed on a Photoshop document/ PSD. This document is them turned into hypertext markup language HTML, JavaScript or CSS with the help of simple codes. In place of Photoshop, image editors like Pixelmater or GIMP is used. When you convert from PSD to HTML you get:

Site Integration with CMS

You can easily manage and sustain your website by converting it from PSD to HTML and then integrating it with any CMS of your choice.

Semantic Coding

PSD – HTML conversion involves various semantic coding techniques which provide unique design and reduced loading time to your website. This conversion also makes it easy for the search engines to index the web pages of your website on higher ranks.

Browser Compatibility

In order to reach out to maximum number of customers, it is important that your website is compatible to with different browsers like Chrome, IE, Mozilla etc. With PSD – HTML conversion your website becomes compatible to various web browsers, which is a great advantage for your company, its goods and services by reaching out to a wider customer base.

Now let us move on to the other advantages of PSD to HTML conversion:

Advantages for Web Individuals

First and foremost PSD-HTML conversion gives a professional look and feel to your blog and website. You get a cross-browser website as well as the speed of your website is optimized. This surely is a great advantage for your blog/ website as both the users and search engines prefer quick website. Along with this, the conversion provides you with semantic coding which helps the search engine to understand and rank your web pages in a better manner.

Apart from this, your website also gets the W3C validity. This means that your website is WWW consortium standards compliant which is equal to having a prestigious seal of approval for your website.

Advantages for Design Professionals

One major advantage of PSD-HTML conversion is that design professionals need not bother to learn the details of HTML5 / JavaScript/ CSS3 /W3C standards etc. Along with this, web and design professionals need not spend time solving different markup problems. Rather they can now spend their time and energy on design, promotion, recreation and promotion of their works.

Advantages for Companies

PSD-HTML conversion gives your company a lot of cost and organizational benefits. Your website gets a better markup quality and access to best-of-breed specialists. This is especially true in case of semantic coding, cross-browser compatibility, W3C standards compliance and other modern requirements of website markups.

These are some of major advantages of converting the website from PSD to HTML for your company.

Crucial Tools for Web Development

Building of website involves using a wide range of tools which help in completing the entire process efficiently. And though the choice of tools differs for each web developer, there are some very crucial tools which are commonly used in modern web development.

Here are few tools which will make your task of web development easier whether you are working on Project Management, Version Control, IDE, Frameworks or just on General Applications. The list for sure is not an exhaustive one, but these tools surely play an important role in making your task easier.

web Development

Project Management

These tools help you organize and keep a track of every task involved in the development process by providing you reports and fixing bugs.


One of the most popular tools, Basecamp helps you organize the chaos in your project by offering to-do lists, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and messaging system among many other features. Whether you are a freelancer, owner of a small/ mid-size or multinational company, Basecamp is one of the best go-to the project management tools. Its greatest advantage is its simplicity and compatibility with most online platforms.

Liquid Planner

Regarded as one of the most reliable project management solutions, this tool helps you in planning and executing your projects in a better manner by providing you data-driven, human focused, predictive and realistic real time insights.

Text Editors

Coding is the most important part of web development. Thus it is only logical that you use tools which make the task easier and fun for you. Here are some text editors which you can employ while coding.


It is a lightweight, quite powerful modern open source text editor which understands web design. Written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript Brackets blends visual tools into the editor so that the web developers get what they are looking for.

Sublime Text

A sophisticated text editor for code, prose and mark up, Sublime Text has some of the best add-ons for language specific job as well as some amazing plugins. A cross platform tool it uses a custom UI toolkit which is optimized for speed and beauty.


Some very useful tools for frameworks are:


It is a modern front-end/UI development framework which has a 12-grid responsive layout and is packed all that you will need to build a responsive websites and apps.


It is a clean and simple responsive tool for HTML5 websites and apps. Apart from a responsive layout grid it has PSD templates and device-specific CSS style properties.

General Applications

The tools which fall in this category basically help you in organizing things in a better manner and thereby aids in improving your productivity. Here are some of the important tools.


This tool provides you with space where you can collect information, write without any distraction, upload and sync information from any device anywhere. You can use it to schedule, bookmark or list your tasks or as a small database for your snippets.

Google Drive

Again, one of the best tools it helps you get access to all your files anywhere with its secure cloud storage and also provides backup to your photos, videos, files etc. It also makes communication easier for you by allowing your teammates to comment on documents.

As mentioned earlier, this surely is not the most authoritative list, yet it has the best tools in the respective areas. Make use of them in web development projects and see how things get simpler and easier.


Latest Webmaster Help Video for Ecommerce Websites –Matt Cutts

Google’s new webmaster help video where Matt discusses what to do on your product pages for products that are “no longer available.”

Here is a question where user writes:

“How would Google recommend handling ecommerce products that are no longer available? (Does this change as the number of discontinued products outnumbers the active products?)”

Matt begins, it does matter based on how many products you have and really what the throughput of those products is, how long they last, how long they are active before they become inactive.

Matt suggests, if you run a ecommerce store that deals with a very small number of products, using your inactive pages to direct customers to items are in stock by suggesting other items they may be interested in, else if it’s a mid-sized ecommerce store then go for a 404 for products that are no longer available.

Matt says it’s better to get rid of the pages rather than become known as the store that frustrates users by displaying items that are out of stock.

For more information, check this video: