Facebook Advertiser Professional Photos at No extra charges

One of the more preferred advertising channels is obviously Facebook.  Partly because so many people use it, but also because it provides advertisers with so much data to make decisions based on.

Facebook advertiser will now have access to millions of stock photos that are commercially licensed and available for all Facebook ad formats at no additional cost. This new effort seems to be connected to Facebook’s initiative to streamline its advertising with the hopes of making ads look and feel more consistent.


When creating a group of Facebook ads, image uploader allows people to select a range of page photos, images from previous ads and shutterstock images. The ability to simultaneously upload multiple images means advertisers can now create multiple ads at one time for a single campaign, and test images to increase performance of their campaigns.

By using Facebook to help promote your photography business and keep touch with your existing customers, it can become a very valuable tool in your Online marketing strategy.

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