Google Shares Four New AdSense Features That Strengthens Your Strategy

Google shared some product updates with new features for responsive ad units and a multi-screen optimization score to complement and strengthen your strategy.


Following are the new features for responsive ad units:

  • Product manager says “If your responsive page changes its layout following a screen orientation change, we’ll request and load a new ad to fit the new page layout.”
  • Smart sizing based on the space available: The ad code will automatically adapt all newly created responsive ad units to fit your page layout.
  • Your ad unit reports can now be broken out by the size of the ad served.
  • Multi-screen optimization score in publisher score card: A new multi-screen category –for example, if a user need to zoom and/or scroll often, this may negatively impact their experience. Your score will measure what percentage of your pages are multi-screen optimized and compare this percentage to that of other AdSense publishers.

Note: You may not see this category in your scorecard if you have a low percentage of mobile traffic on your site. This new score will be visible in the scorecard on your AdSense home page.

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