How can one Improve on Link Building Techniques?

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have brought a number of changes to the digital marketing industry in the past two years. These updates have changed the practices, strategies and ways of thinking. One of the elements that has been affected by these updates is backlinks. Google’s updates have changed the way backlinks should be created.


Backlinks are those links that come in from other sites to yours. Earlier, in order to increase backlinks on a site, links were purchased and exchanged between sites. When Google realized these malpractices, it declared a penalty for those who had paid links on their site. Google searches for natural links, which helps in improving SEO. For increasing the opportunities to gain higher link building, you need to hire professionals who can provide great SEO services and take care of all the SEO elements other than link building. Mentioned below are some link building efforts you can make for bringing positive results to your site.

  1. Check for those names who your competitors are getting links from. Approach them for bringing links to your site too. Also, you must approach those webmasters who are likely to respond to your requests, without taking a long time.
  2. Get backlinks from some authoritative sites, which will automatically drive lots of traffic to your site. A big percentage of people visiting the authoritative site will increase the number of backlinks.
  3. Decide on how much time and effort you want to dedicate to a single link. Don’t utilize all you have on one link. Utilize your time and effort for multiple links for effective results – if not from one, then maybe the other.
  4. Communicate with emotions involved. Share your views and opinions positively to generate liking among others. This will make it easy for you to bring in links to your site.
  5. Create content such that it seems incomplete without the mention of your site’s link. This is because it is possible that your content is placed but, the link to your site is not mentioned.
  6. Create content by quoting the statements from some of the experts in your field. Let those featured in your content know that they are gaining exposure from your content, and ask them to link to it. Most of them likely will.
  7. Just like experts’ statements, also quote some resources. Work to find resource links in your niche. These will prove to be great link opportunities.
  8. Benefit the viewers with offers by placing the deals within the content. This will compel them to link to your site.
  9. Don’t hesitate to use subjects that are of delicate nature. Take a risk of using bold statements. There is a chance that it might bring a negative impact on your position in the market but, if you just suppose so, you will never be able to take this step. But, if you take up this risk, you will definitely attract more links.

Taking all the above points into consideration, you also need to check the effectiveness of every step you take in your link building process. Are you approaching the right communities? Are you able to make a mark on them? Will they be placing the link to your site? Is the link placed effectively? Keep answering these questions and make efforts to improve on the same.


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