How Can You Get Your Content Into Google News?

Google News is a computer-generated news website that collects and combines news stories from different sources worldwide. It then groups similar stories together and displays them according to the preferences and interests of the viewers. You can search for news topics on Google by visiting the site or by selecting the ‘News’ section below the main search bar on Google’s homepage. You may be creating fantastic news content but, you are unable to reach a wider set of audience because you are unable to get your content into Google News. If you want to get your content into Google News, you must read ahead to know what you might be missing on.

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Get Your Content Into Google News



Why is getting into Google News so respectable?


Why would someone want to get into Google news? The answer to this can be as simple as – in order to get a brand recognition, visibility and traffic, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. But, why only Google News? This is because Google is a reputed name on the internet. Just like Google is considered as the most popular and finest search engine over others, more than 60% of people trust Google News over other news generators. Thus, when news about a company is placed on Google News, it opens up broader business values for that organization.


What are the attributes required to get your content into Google News?


In order to get your content included in Google News and to have it rank higher, you need to follow some specific guidelines likely to help you achieve success on the platform.


Content type


You must understand what kind of content fits the category of Google News to help you get an interested audience. People are not looking at this section for job advertisements, tips or advices. They are in fact looking for content that is about particular information or reports that are timely. Also, remember that the content you provide should be self-created and accurate. It needs to be well-written and understandable. Your content must not be confusing – it must offer clear opinion about what you are talking about and should be based on immense experience within the field. Make sure that the content you provide should be in HTML format only. Avoid PDFs, JavaScript, multimedia and all other sorts of content because these types of content cannot be crawled.


News sitemap


Sitemaps contain detailed information that lets you control the content you submit to Google News. Generate a separate sitemap for your news content so that Google can crawl it frequently to check for new articles; and make sure that you publish news frequently and on a consistent basis. Sitemaps can identify the title and publication date of each article and can also characterize the different types of content in your articles based on related keywords or stock tickers. With sitemaps, you will be able to identify the content that is meeting or exceeding Google’s guidelines criteria. You can highlight the content that is most likely to deliver better results, thus speeding up and improving the success rates for Google finding and displaying your content in search results.


Technical factors


In order to have your content ranked in Google News, it must satisfy all the basic SEO requirements. Apart from this, you must also take care that the URLs and anchor links should be unique and must describe what the content is about. Another very important thing is that the domain on which the content is hosted should be accessible to search engine bots.


Now that you know the action points for getting your content into Google News, follow these guidelines and have unique and authoritative news content ranking well.


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