How Can You Improve Traffic Through A Social Media Audit?

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand to a large number of audiences, and considering this, you might have promoted your business on some or the other social media platform. But, have you ever considered an audit of your social media marketing? You can learn a lot if you examine how your online brand is managed. Below is a list of what your audit should cover.




Check your online presence


You must know which platforms your business is present on. Check yourself on popular business platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but, don’t forget to check for other platforms you might have created a page or profile on years ago like YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora, etc. You might have created profiles on these platforms but, might not have used it for a long time and forgotten about it. But, make it a point to check for every possible social media platform to see whether you exist there or not – even the tiniest of places.

You will be surprised to find how many fake accounts and spam you have under your name on different social media platforms. Make note of all the profiles you find and write down every profile’s social media network, URL, profile name, description, number of followers, date of last activity and all other important information. Shut down all the inactive and useless profiles you have.


Update your profiles


Now that you have a list of all those profiles that are purposeful, make sure you have a complete and consistent profile. Your profile should give away complete detailed information about your brand. For every social network profile, open the customize settings tab and review the images, text and other options one-by-one for a better optimized profile. Check that you have the same information across all the different social media platforms you are on so that one profile does not contrast with the other. But, this does not mean you have the exact same profile everywhere. Every social media platform has its own unique quality and audience – some maybe totally professional while some might be laid back. So, check the environment of the network and accordingly create a business profile.


Check your growth as compared to the past


Check how you performed an year back and see how you perform today. Have you made a difference? You can find this out by analyzing the number of followers and fans, and your engagement with your audience in terms of comments, shares, likes and conversations.


Compare your profile to those of your competitors


See what the others in your field are doing. See how ahead they are of you and find out why you lag behind. You will get a lot to learn from the successful names in the market. Locate where your competitors are present, and if they are present on the same platform as you, make a chart of how they differ from you in terms of quantity and quality.


Set your goals


Now, you have all your data. Make a plan of action to achieve all that you still have not achieved. Make a plan based on the following metrics – followers/fans, incoming traffic, content type, click rate, leads generated, sales made, user engagement and brand awareness. Check how you scored in the past. For example, if you generated 25% of referral traffic on your site, this time you will want to rise to 30%. You can even set goals based on  your competitor’s information you gathered. For example, if your competitor has 10,000 fans and you have 8000, you will want to set a goal of having 12,000 fans now.


If you want to achieve big goals and want to increase traffic on your site, you must follow the above mentioned steps – have a social media audit, set up your goals and work towards achieving them. For any kind of assistance and social media marketing services, you can contact India Web Design Company, who will provide the best services in terms of developing great content, creating campaigns and promoting your business on the right social media platforms.

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