How To Perform The Most Important SEO Tasks In Order Of Priority

You may be following certain SEO tasks like writing great content, following great content marketing strategies, social media marketing and many other on-page and off-page tactics but, are you following them in the right manner? Almost everything in life should be followed as per a schedule to attain positive results. Similarly, in order to achieve website success, you need to plan an SEO program too. You need to know which tasks are highly important to accomplish first and which tasks can be left behind for later. If you perform the lesser important ones first and lag behind on the important ones, you may not be able to achieve your goals. So, it is very important that you prioritize your SEO tasks properly. Although, there is no particular planner to follow but, you can split up your tasks in categories like highly important, lesser significant and least imperative. Hire the best SEO services in India or plan up the SEO strategies for your company by taking a look at some common categorized SEO tasks below.




Highest priority SEO tasks

Responsive design


You know how mobiles are outdoing desktops since the past few years and today, a majority of people are surfing the Web on smaller screens. This is the reason why you need to make sure you have responsive web designs that can easily fit any screen size and resolution. Even if you have the best design and content but, if it doesn’t show appropriately or function properly on smaller screens, you may lose out on a high number of audiences.



Make sure you have a great navigation menu. Keep it simple and effective so that users know how to go around your site from one page to another and find what they are looking for easily. Avoid having complicated navigation menus because that will only shoo away your visitors.

Duplicate content


If you have duplicate content on your site, you need to take immediate steps to get done with it. If Google finds that you have the same content as someone else, it gets confused as to which one to consider, which highly affects your visibility in SERPs. Your content may even be tagged as ‘spam’ by Google in such a case.


Google Analytics and Google Search Console


These are two most important tools that are crucial for having your website index quickly and accurately. Google Analytics helps to track and report website traffic and Google Search Console helps webmasters check their indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. After signing up with Google Search Console, make sure you click the ‘Google Index’ tab in your account to check the total number of your pages Google has already indexed. Make sure all your pages are being indexed.


Other important SEO tasks

Creative content writing


Having great content is of high importance for any website. Along with creating useful and relevant content, you must also try to get creative with it. For this, you first need to understand your target audience better. Then, write on the topics that are trending, use the most important keywords and include relevant images, videos and infographics in your content.

Title tags


While you write content, you write a casual title tag. But, once you are done with writing the entire content, go back and optimize the title tag to have the most appropriate, relevant and attractive one.


Interact with influencers


With so much competition in every business category, it isn’t easy to be easily visible to your audience. You need to have your name stand out from the crowd. An easy way to do this is by interacting and trying to build relationships with the influencers in your industry, who will help you earn natural links and get great social shares.


Last but not the least




You might be wondering why backlinks has not yet turned up in the list. This is actually where it lies – in the last category. Building backlinks are considered to be highly important. But, quality content, building relationships and understanding your audience is far more important.

Stay updated


Achieving success highly depends on how much you stay in trend and use the latest tactics and strategies. So, it’s important that you stay updated with the latest SEO news and blogs, and follow them.

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