LinkedIn Lets To Block Other People

The ability to block people on social networks seems like a basic idea, but that’s one thing LinkedIn didn’t have prior to today. Paul Rockwell, LinkedIn’s head of Trust & Safety, cited the need to research different use case scenarios, and coming up with the right interface  as some of the reasons why this tool took a while to develop.


To block a member, head to that’s person’s LinkedIn profile and select the “Block or report” option from the drop-down menu next to the “Connect” and “Send InMail” buttons. But before you head to that person’s profile, the company suggests, turn on the anonymous profile-viewing feature, which lets you see other members’ LinkedIn pages without them knowing it.

Blocking a member will disallow both of you from seeing each other’s profile, and if you’re connected, that connection automatically breaks. You also won’t be able to message each other, and all endorsements and recommendations will be removed. The blocked person will not be notified that they’ve been shunned, and you can block up to 50 members at a time.


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