Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

It’s been a while since the need for mobile friendly websites has been making rounds. And with Google’s decision to launch an algorithm change which includes a signal that tells Google if a website is mobile friendly and thereby improve its ranking, it has become all the more crucial for your website to have a responsive design.

In this blog post we bring you ways in which you can make your website mobile friendly. The below given tips will help you “mobilize” your web page and thereby garner better rankings on Google results.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

  • Test your website

Before making any changes in your website, it is crucial that you test your website.  You can make use of tools like Screenfly, mobiReady etc to see how your website looks on various mobile platforms – iOS, Windows, Android. Once you test your website you will get a fair idea of the changes required to come up with a responsive website design.

  • Start with the Basics

If the basics of your web design are right, everything will be in order. So we recommend that you start with the Basics. For example, usually smartphone users look for directions and contact information on the website. Make it a point that you include this information. You can do this by adding a “call to action” button on every page of your website so that it is easier for visitors to get in touch with you.

  • Gear your designs towards Touchscreen

It is easier to click on the mouse button of your computer but is quite irritating to click buttons on a touchscreen, especially if the buttons are tiny in size. Thus make it a point to come up with buttons and links which are big enough to be clicked easily and have enough of space between them so that users do not end up clicking the wrong buttons.

  • Use brief content

On a mobile screen, the users rarely have the patience of reading long content. All they need is the best information in the briefest manner possible. Thus it will be more sensible that you tailor your content accordingly and cut down on unnecessary details.

  • Opt for mobile-friendly emails

Statistics show that more than 75% of mobile users, delete emails which are not mobile-friendly. Thus if you are resorting to email marketing strategies, it is important that you opt for template which are already formatted for mobile devices. This way not only will it be easier for the receiver to read your emails, but you can also draw them in a better manner on your website.

  • Simplify navigation of your mobile site

It is very important that you come up with a responsive website design which makes navigation easier for the users. One major reason why visitors abandon a website is due to navigation problems. Thus it is essential that you simplify navigation of your mobile site.

These are some of the ways in which you can make build up a mobile friendly website and thereby improve your Google rankings.


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