Matt Cutts:Reasonable nofollow links won’t damage your search rankings in Google

Can no-follow links hurt my site?

Matt Cutts released a new video in the Google webmaster help YouTube channel.

Cutts said that, No-follow links won’t harm your rankings in Google, but if a webmaster is spamming them on a massive scale, it could get the attention of the search Engine spam team and trigger a manual review.

Things like Blog comments tend to have a very particular footprint that would be easy to spot. Cutts mentioned a specific example of where blog comments where problematic, even though they were already no-followed, because it was done on such a massive scale.

SEO Experts have known for quite some time that putting no-follow link is a great way to tell Google that you don’t want to pass PageRank for this particular link or that you somehow don’t trust the sites link is on. In addition, giving no follow links any negative attention at all is only going to encourage people who participate in negative SEO attacks on their competitors.

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