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All You Want To Know About Heading Tags And SEO

Heading tags are a vital element required to properly structure a piece of content. These tags help in differentiating different parts of Web page content.


tags are used to define the different headings on a Web document, where

is the first and the most important heading of a document followed by the others in serial order i.e.




is the last and least important heading that holds very less significance in a document as compared to other heading tags. This is why

is the boldest tag and

is the smallest one. Heading tags come with a variety of attributes to make user-friendly websites. But, search engines use these tags only to index the content.


What is the purpose of using heading tags?

The main purpose of heading tags is to give your content different headings so that your design becomes more user-friendly. This will be possible because readers will be able to get an idea about your website easily by only reading your sub-headings. So, your

tag, being the most important, should be such that the readers get an idea about your website only by reading your heading. The

tag should be able to describe all that your page wants to talk about in a few words.

How frequently should you use heading tags?

Previously, only one

tag was allowed per Web page. The

tag should be used as a newspaper heading with other content structured with sub-headings following the hierarchy of heading tags. But now, with the updated version of HTML i.e. HTML5, designers are allowed to have multiple

tags on a Web page according to the requirements of the page design. However, it is still recommended to stick to only one

tag for the best impact.

How to include keywords in heading tags?

Keywords are one of the most important elements for SEO, and we all know that. So, you must first research the best keywords according to your Web page content and then categorize the keywords into focus keyword, primary, secondary and tertiary. You must include the focus keyword, which is the main keyword, in your title, meta tags and

tag of your Web page.


Advantages of heading tags

Now that you know quite some rules about heading tags, you must also learn about their benefits. Heading tags have an impact on both SEO and the users. Let’s learn about them individually.

SEO benefits

  • Search engines pay close attention to the words used in the

    tag, so it must contain the basic description of the page’s content.

  • Search engines give high preference to user experience, and it is the heading tags that give a brief idea of what the content on the page is about.
  • Search engines compare words in a heading tag with the related content to check for relevancy. Thus, it is important to include target keywords in these tags, with your most important keyword included in the


  • Search engine spiders also check for keyword consistency between the heading tags and other parts of the page.

User benefits

  • Heading tags make it easy for the users to navigate different sections of the content by referring to properly structured headings on the page.
  • The different heading tags help users to scan the page and read only the sections that interest them.


You have quite some idea about what all you should include and how you should use heading tags. But, there are many more DOs and certain DONTs about these tags. So, it is advisable to hire a proficient SEO company in Bangalore to handle all of it so that you can make the best impact on SEO with your heading tags.

Facebook Announced Change to Pages which are set to go into effect on February 20th

Facebook posted a message at the top of pages on the social network to notify administrators that their names will soon start to show up next to their posts and comments and the changes are set to go into effect on February 20th.

The Help Centre Page Titled “If multiple people help manage my page, how can I see who posted something?

The answer is “On a Page post, the name of the person who posted will be listed below the name of your Page next to Posted by. On a Page comment, the name of the person who commented will be listed below the comment next to Commented on by. Keep in mind that only people who help manage your Page can see this information.”

Yahoo Is Aiming To Bring Back Search Technology

Yahoo reportedly wants out of a deal that tie its search services to Microsoft.  According to Re/code post, Yahoo CEO Mayer is pushing two new initiatives called “Fast Break” and “Curveball” that could position Yahoo once again as a player in Web search and the lucrative search-advertising market that accompanies it.

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Matt Cutts: Don’t Upload Articles To Article Directories

Webmasters like to have good quality backlinks to their sites, the best backlinks are ones that come naturally from other bloggers and through social media. Head of the search spam, Matt Cutts posted a latest webmaster help video encouraging webmasters not to use article directory websites with the goal of building links.

The concept behind article directories is simple. Writers sign up to the website and provide quality content and the article directory makes money from people continually submitting content to the site and having ads displayed on their site. The end goal is that if someone finds the article useful enough to publish on their site, you might get a few inbound links out of it.

Matt Cutt says that the content included in these directories tend to be of low quality, they’re usually full of spammy content that gets sprayed all over the web. “I wouldn’t necessarily count on that being effective Matt says.

Cutts personal recommendation is to not use article directories to build inbound links. Please check the video below for more information


Google Released Android Device Manager To Track Missing Gadgets

Google released Android device manager for locating and remotely wiping your missing phones and tablets. At that time, the service was available only on the web. Now it’s available to your mobile devices. Android device manager contains all the functionality from the website in a mobile friendly package and it is of course free.

The same functionality came to Android devices in August, but it was a cumbersome browser based solution that wouldn’t help anyone in a panic. The setup forced users to visit a website with an extremely long URL and it didn’t have the option to lock the phone or tablet at first. It was either “ring” or “erase everything” with no in-between locking measure.

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Matt Cutts wants to know: Why your small website not ranking well in Google?

Matt Cutts, asked final night around twitter for webmasters and SEO’s to fill out a consult on a subject of tiny sites and Google rankings.


Matt Cutts asked “if there’s a website that we consider should be doing improved in Google, tell us some-more. The form creates it transparent that stuffing out this form will not impact a ranking of a submitted.”

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Facebook Advertiser Professional Photos at No extra charges

One of the more preferred advertising channels is obviously Facebook.  Partly because so many people use it, but also because it provides advertisers with so much data to make decisions based on.

Facebook advertiser will now have access to millions of stock photos that are commercially licensed and available for all Facebook ad formats at no additional cost. This new effort seems to be connected to Facebook’s initiative to streamline its advertising with the hopes of making ads look and feel more consistent.

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