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What are the Guidelines to Make Your Website Work?

Every website comprises of three main areas of concern – the owner, the web designers and the users. All the three are important in their own ways and play different roles. There should be an order that should be followed in order to convert the website into a success. But, all of them have different perceptions. The owner would want to build up a beautiful eye-catchy design to attract the users. The designer tries to create a balance between appearance and usability. The users want the website to be easy to navigate more than being beautiful. If all three perceptions are not kept in mind, it will result in poorly designed websites with unnecessary elements.

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Crucial Tools for Web Development

Building of website involves using a wide range of tools which help in completing the entire process efficiently. And though the choice of tools differs for each web developer, there are some very crucial tools which are commonly used in modern web development.

Here are few tools which will make your task of web development easier whether you are working on Project Management, Version Control, IDE, Frameworks or just on General Applications. The list for sure is not an exhaustive one, but these tools surely play an important role in making your task easier.

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Project Management

These tools help you organize and keep a track of every task involved in the development process by providing you reports and fixing bugs.


One of the most popular tools, Basecamp helps you organize the chaos in your project by offering to-do lists, milestone management, file sharing, time tracking, and messaging system among many other features. Whether you are a freelancer, owner of a small/ mid-size or multinational company, Basecamp is one of the best go-to the project management tools. Its greatest advantage is its simplicity and compatibility with most online platforms.

Liquid Planner

Regarded as one of the most reliable project management solutions, this tool helps you in planning and executing your projects in a better manner by providing you data-driven, human focused, predictive and realistic real time insights.

Text Editors

Coding is the most important part of web development. Thus it is only logical that you use tools which make the task easier and fun for you. Here are some text editors which you can employ while coding.


It is a lightweight, quite powerful modern open source text editor which understands web design. Written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript Brackets blends visual tools into the editor so that the web developers get what they are looking for.

Sublime Text

A sophisticated text editor for code, prose and mark up, Sublime Text has some of the best add-ons for language specific job as well as some amazing plugins. A cross platform tool it uses a custom UI toolkit which is optimized for speed and beauty.


Some very useful tools for frameworks are:


It is a modern front-end/UI development framework which has a 12-grid responsive layout and is packed all that you will need to build a responsive websites and apps.


It is a clean and simple responsive tool for HTML5 websites and apps. Apart from a responsive layout grid it has PSD templates and device-specific CSS style properties.

General Applications

The tools which fall in this category basically help you in organizing things in a better manner and thereby aids in improving your productivity. Here are some of the important tools.


This tool provides you with space where you can collect information, write without any distraction, upload and sync information from any device anywhere. You can use it to schedule, bookmark or list your tasks or as a small database for your snippets.

Google Drive

Again, one of the best tools it helps you get access to all your files anywhere with its secure cloud storage and also provides backup to your photos, videos, files etc. It also makes communication easier for you by allowing your teammates to comment on documents.

As mentioned earlier, this surely is not the most authoritative list, yet it has the best tools in the respective areas. Make use of them in web development projects and see how things get simpler and easier.