Tips to Design Successful Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages where the users are directed to when they search for something on search engines. Thus, your landing page must be impactful and should accomplish conversion goals. You should first understand what your goal is and how you can accomplish it, which will help you create and optimize your landing pages.

Before learning how to design a landing page, you must know exactly why you need to have one. Generally, marketers commit a mistake of directing the users to their home page. Instead, you must direct them to the page where they can find what they are searching for. You must create landing pages to attract the visitors and provide them with the information they want to see, rather than taking them to the homepage with all sorts of information about you, which they might not be interested in.


Goals to achieve


Each page should have only one goal. Decide on the most important goal you want to achieve on the page and direct your users in a way that you can achieve it. If you want to achieve multiple goals, then you must create different landing pages for different goals.



How long your landing page should be is for you to decide. It depends on what your business is about and how much information you want to give to your customers about what they are finding.



Whether you have a long or short page, it is important to break the entire content into different parts to make it easier as well as interesting to go through. You can divide your landing page into different parts like headline, sub-headers, exclusive information and general information. You can use elements like bullets, images, lines and calls-to-action to break different areas of your page.



Your headline should be attractive and create a solid impact on the visitors. Consider your target audience and address to their needs. Create a clear, positive, impactful and dynamic headline.



The images that you upload should emphasize on the message you are conveying. A survey has shown that an image that has a human face, cartoon or caricature is likely to draw more attention of the users that other images. If you are trying to sell a product, you can include a real picture of it and if that is not possible, upload general pictures of what resembles your product.



Videos can increase the length of a visitor’s stay on your site. It is not necessary to add one but, if you do, make sure it is of high-quality and is relevant and interesting. If you can feature yourself or your employees or other customers in your video, it would increase trust among the visitors. Also, one important thing you should avoid is auto-playing the video once a visitor lands on the page. It sure can attract the visitor’s attention but, it is found annoying by most of the users.



You might think that a call-to-action is not as important to be worked upon. But, you are wrong. Even though it is a small button on your page, it is the most important element for conversions. You must optimize it in terms of the design, size, colour and placement. It should be easily understandable and should stand away from the rest of the content. Hence, place it so users can easily spot it. Use a colour that contrasts the colour scheme of the page.

Creating efficient landing pages can increase your conversion rates. You can hire specialized web designers to work on the above mentioned points to generate a successful landing page and achieve your goals.

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