Tools To Help You Find Innovative Content Ideas For Your Blog

As a blogger, you need to constantly post content; but remember that it’s not just content – it is about thrilling and captivating content. You need trending and intelligent ideas to create content that will keep your viewers hooked. So, what kind of ideas do you need, and where can those ideas come from? You can’t just sit and wait for ideas to spring up in your head because you don’t know when they would. It may be instantly or it may take forever. So, you need to “find” new ideas for your blog. Here are some tips to let you know where and how you can find them – find ideas that will bring a spark in your brain to create amazingly beautiful content on those topics. Follow these tips and you will never be out of ideas again!

Blog Content Ideas

Influential writers

Whatever influencers write has to be good. So, to find out what is influencing people currently, you need to know what influencers in your area are writing about. Use those topics and create your content around the subject.

Tools to be used – is what can help you. You need to type in the name of a writer, blog, topic or site and you will have a list of the most influential authors and their posts. Without having to sign up, you can view the most well-known blogs and topics that are inspiring readers.

Another tool is the followerwonk by Moz, which entirely focuses on Twitter. This tool provides as a useful search engine for influencers in your niche as well as a tool for competitive comparisons. You can also filter and sort influencers and save reports for future reference with this tool.

Posts that are liked and shared

You don’t need to copy what your competitors are doing, but you can definitely learn a lot by seeing what they are publishing. This will help you get great ideas and create unique posts based on the information acquired.

Tools to be used – Ahrefs is a backlink analysis tool that helps to get a lot of useful information by inserting a site’s name. Use its Site Explorer tool to analyze the site as per – best by links, best by shares, and top pages by organic search. Best by links shows the kind of content that attracts links; best by shares shows the shares and likes posts have gained on social media platforms; top pages shows the pages that bring most traffic from Google. You can analyze the top keywords, traffic volume and position of a particular post with this tool. So now that you know what type of content resonates with people, you can use the same ideas for you blog to gain likes and shares.

Another tool is BuzzSumo that tells you which content is most shared on social media and has the most number of backlinks, once you use a domain name.

Trending topics in your niche

Millions of new articles are posted on Google every day, and definitely few out of those millions fall into your niche and speak about information regarding your business segment. Check out what kind of blogs they are and what the latest happenings they speak about are.

Tools to be used – Google Alerts is what will help you here. All you have to do is sign up and add keywords relevant to your blogging goals. This will bring you updates on your email when the particular keywords are mentioned anywhere on the Web. You also have the option to add/remove alert topics at any time based on your interests. This technique will bring great content ideas into your brain to spark up your creativity. Moreover, you can also find out when someone mentions your name, brand or blog anywhere around the Web with Google Alerts!

Another useful tool is Google Trends, which can help you search for any topic and find out the volume it is receiving. You can also use country search or specific region search to find more targeted results.

Questions asked by your target audience

Find out from your target audience. Read through popular questions and answers with facts, opinions and interesting stories from people across the globe.

Tools to be used – Quora and Yahoo Answers are two tools that contain such questions and answers. All you have to do is create a profile, choose your niche and read through the questions and answers. You can quickly find the best questions on these sites because they are voted by users. This will let you know the topic that is trending and the question that needs to be answered in your next blog.

You now have a list of tips and tools that can help you get a whole list of fresh and innovative things to write upon. However, if you think you don’t want to get into the pains of all this, you can as well get in touch with a company that provides the best SEO services in India, who know the ins and outs of almost every industry, and can help you know what is trending and what you must do to gain an edge over the others in your niche.

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