What Are The Best SEO Strategies For 2017?

Do you think you can effectively manage SEO? Do you know the latest SEO trends and requirements for 2017? Do you know the best SEO strategies for this year? If your answer to all these questions is a NO, you definitely need a professional SEO company in India to help you. And if your answer is YES, you need to be sure that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date with all the latest strategies. The below guide will help you watch over your site for the best possible strategies that will have you winning over your competitors this year.



Optimize mobile SEO

We all know that Google is planning to launch a separate mobile search index this year, so optimizing for mobile SEO is one of the most crucial strategies. First of all, convert your website pages into AMP pages for providing users with a lighter and faster website on mobiles. Also, make sure to keep your website content load time below the 3 second mark for the best results. For further optimization, you must make sure that you are providing users with the shortest way to reach your business by using local schema markup.

Do a keyword research and optimization

You need to have the best keywords highlighted within your content. You can take up ideas from various sources for the same. You can do a competitor semantic research, use free keyword tools, or find synonyms of queries already bringing traffic to your site. This will help you get both short and long tail ideas for optimization of your pages. Also, you can get into a Q&A community or forum to learn what potential searchers are asking about, and use those queries to form your keyword-rich content.

Fix on-page technical and content SEO issues

There are various on-page issues you need to fix up to avoid SEO glitches in the future. One of the most important elements is checking for duplicacy and implementing the rel=canonical tag for all duplicate versions of your site. Also, you must check for any long or short meta tags, look for absence of ALT attributes, fix error codes like 404 Page Not Found, and apply 301 Redirects. Most importantly, make your page load as fast as possible by increasing website speed using JavaScript, CSS and HML minification, image compression, browser cache leverage, etc.

Have an appropriate internal links structure

Having a good internal link structure will help you improve visitors’ engagement and search visibility. You can do so by using descriptive anchor texts on your landing pages and link to relevant internal page content with related topics. Instead of focusing only on Home or Contact Us pages, you can deepen your linking structure to in-depth pages too to boost search visibility of these pages and speed up the indexability of new content. However, you must avoid building too many outgoing links from a single page.

After implementing all these strategies, you can’t just leave it alone. You need to, time and again, measure your SEO performance and keep on constantly improving on the same.

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