What are the Guidelines to Make Your Website Work?

Every website comprises of three main areas of concern – the owner, the web designers and the users. All the three are important in their own ways and play different roles. There should be an order that should be followed in order to convert the website into a success. But, all of them have different perceptions. The owner would want to build up a beautiful eye-catchy design to attract the users. The designer tries to create a balance between appearance and usability. The users want the website to be easy to navigate more than being beautiful. If all three perceptions are not kept in mind, it will result in poorly designed websites with unnecessary elements.


There are some key points to be kept in mind while creating a new website.

It is not necessary to appear important all the time


As mentioned earlier, the owner, web designers and users are all important in their own ways. But, the owner finds himself to be the post important because he is putting up the money to make the website. The designers find themselves important because they think they are responsible for creating the masterpiece. The users feel that they are important because it is their money that the business is trying to earn. But, the truth is that the most important element is the design. This is what connects the business with the users. Hence, in order to create the perfect design, it is necessary that the owner and designers plan together as to what would be the right kind of design that would attract the users.

Know what your business is about


Every business is unique and different. In order to stand out in the market, you have to offer something new and original. Identifying how you are different from the others and highlighting those features to create a connection with the users will help you create a website that stands out. Make it genuine and clear to make users connect with you better and increase your business.

Pretty does not mean effective


It is essential to make a pretty design. But, it is not important to add everything that looks awesome. Avoid lots of images and flashy content. Limit the number of features that you are showing on your website. A pretty design is effective only if it converts the visitors to customers. Find out answers to what will make your business grow and what will increase customer conversion before planning on designing a website.

What you want is not what you need


The owner will always want his website to be attractive for the users and full of cool features, without understanding whether all the features that he wants are necessary or not. He might feel that if everyone else in the market has those features, it is necessary for him to have it too. But, this is not compulsory.

First, you must understand what the business is all about and what features are required to be installed. Eliminate all that is unnecessary. Users do not want to waste their time browsing a website that provides more of entertainment than the information needed. Make it a priority to build websites that make it easy for the users to find what they are looking for.

Have a goal


Building a website with lack of a plan and goals is foolishness. Answer the following questions before creating a website: What is your goal for launching this website? What is the end result you are looking for? What is your target audience? A successful web design is one that plans on achieving its goals. Your goals should include generating leads, making sales, increasing the incoming links, higher page rankings and connecting better with the users.
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