Which Factors Are Still Important For SEO Ranking?

SEO is ever-changing, and you need to keep up with the latest trends in order to gain visibility on SERPs among the millions of websites on the Web! Businesses are putting in their best efforts to have their websites ranked on the first page and on the top of SERPs. Some follow organic SEO practices, while others tread the road of paid advertising. If you are one who wants to go the SEO way, you need to know what the rules are. While some say that keywords, content and link building are no more of prime importance for ranking today, others say that they are still effective. So, how would you know what to stick to? Companies offering the best SEO services in India can help you know of the changing trends and rules of SEO. However, before you approach them, here is a basic idea of the factors that still matter to a great extent for SEO when used the right way.


Quality of content

Content is king, and it still remains. You should focus on the quality of content that you are providing to your viewers. Your content must answer the queries and doubts of your customers, even before they ask for it. Include specific keywords that describe your business and can bring in traffic through clicks. But, getting clicks and traffic is not enough. How many visitors stay on your site and interact with you, is of prime importance. Keep visitors engaged and engrossed with you through your impactful content.

Quantity of content

Earlier, content with 300 to 500 words was considered enough to be ranked as good. But now, times have changed. Today, articles with 1500 to 2000 words receive higher rankings ad get more shares, thus receiving more traffic. Along with the number of words, even relevant images are included, and the long-from content is broken down into sub-headings and bullet points. However, don’t just write randomly to create long articles. Remember that quality definitely counts!


You may hear that backlinks serve no more a good purpose for SEO. This is because this ranking signal has been highly misused by website owners by bringing in links that are bought or exchanged. However, if you have quality and relevant backlinks on your site, it is still considered while counting on SEO. Make sure you get relevant and appropriate mentions from respected and trustworthy websites so that your backlinks are considered by search engines.

Website speed

People want everything at a faster rate – job, success, promotion, bank balance, delivery of goods, and almost everything! The same goes for website speed as well. Today, people don’t have the patience to wait for websites to load. If the website doesn’t load within 3-5 seconds, they are rather off to another page! Search engines too prefer websites that load faster. Use good plugins to increase your website speed, or it could cost you in terms of rankings.

Employ effective marketing and SEO strategies to promote your website and earn a name in the good books of search engines. Apart from improving on the above factors, you must hire the best SEO services in India to stay updated with the latest SEO trends from time to time.


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