Ecommerce Design Mistakes which are Hurting your Sales

Ecommerce surely is one of the best ways to do business and reach out to customers across the globe. But it is usually seen that there are many ecommerce websites which are hurting their sales due to common mistakes in their ecommerce web design.

Ecommerce Web Design

Here are some web design mistakes which is doing its best in driving away both your existing as well as potential customers:

Lack of Detailed Product Information

Your ecommerce site is like your offline store plus salesperson rolled into one. Therefore it is the website which will do the talking for you. This makes it very essential that you provide a detailed description of each and every product on your store. Your web design should be such that it is easy for the visitor to browse and see all the features of the product on your site.

It is advisable that you use descriptive words (wherever possible) to explain the features of the product rather than simply clinging on technical terms. Also include information about the size, weight, dimensions, material etc. in your description.

Inefficient Site Search Engine

It is usually seen that customers ‘search’ for alternate options rather than using filters or viewing different categories. It is here that many ecommerce websites fail. Rather than offering a well-defined and refined result to the customer, the search engine throws alternatives which the customer is not even looking for. This often results in an increase in bounce rate, as customers usually tend to abandon their search and move on to other websites.

And this is why it becomes very crucial that your ecommerce web design has a seamless search feature along with filters to enable customers refine the results/ search.

Making it a MUST to Have an Account on Your Website

Now, one of the most common online scenarios is that a visitor looks into your ecommerce store just out of curiosity and ends up ordering something. There are many ecommerce sites, which are designed in such a way that it will not move forward, unless the visitor opens an account with the store. And this surely is not seen as welcoming gesture by the visitor. They are rather in hurry to just place the order and move out.

Thus we recommend that you do not force membership on the customers/ visitors to your site. Amazon is one of the best examples in this case. It readily gives the visitor an option to either shop as guest or to sign-in with them.

Long Checkout Process

One major reason why people shop online is because they do not want to end up in payment queue of the offline store. And instead of making shopping an easy process for them, if your ecommerce web design has a long (very many times confusing) checkout process – you are actually driving your customers away. This one major reason, why customers abandon their shopping cart and move on to another ecommerce site.

Thus it is highly recommended that your ecommerce site has a simple, single page where customers need to check their orders, enter their billing and shipping information which is followed by a confirmation page before they submit their order. Trust us, one extra page and you can expect around 40% decline in your checkout process.

E-commerce web development if geared in the right direction can boost your store’s sales amazingly. Thus it is advisable that you hire the services of professional web designers to come up with a responsive ecommerce website.


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