Facebook’s Brand-new Source for Businesses

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Today, Facebook advertising has become an integral part of the marketing plans with businesses all around the world including, Fortune 500 companies.

Nobody in their wildest dreams could have predicted the massive impact that this little social site called Facebook formed in 2006 would have on everybody’s lives. This was never more evident then the way Facebook pages has completely changed advertising and the way online marketers approach the marketing of their product and services.

Their latest offering announced Thursday, July 25 is a complete resource hub for businesses, called Facebook For Business.

The new site will be “the central destination for the news, information and inspiration that marketers can use to drive business results with Facebook”.

It aims to become the go-to-spot for companies of all sizes looking for information on Facebook marketing. The site is still in beta and will be developed more over the next few months, but there’s already a lot there so far, the site has:

  • A “Getting started” section with specific pages on different business goals, from driving in-store sales to increasing online purchases to brand and product awareness. There’s also a Facebook basics page and a video page Called Facebook business Live.
  • A “solutions” section with specific pages for every product (pages, advertising, advanced advertising, platform and measurement and insights) with additional links to resource found on each page. There is also industry specific resource page found under this section.
  • My favorite section, Success stories. Businesses can learn from the success of others by reading case studies of other Facebook marketers. The 56 (as of right now) case studies in this section highlight all kinds of different goals and tactics that businesses on Facebook have and use.
  • “Get Help” section with support information and links to the Help Center, community, and information on their Preferred Marketing Developers program.
  • A Facebook for Business News section so marketers have an official place to go for the latest products, tips, and trends.


The social nature of Facebook Pages encouraging interaction with people and the spread the word has created a powerful non-stopping viral effect.

The end result being traffic in numbers that’s caught the attention of many a smart marketer. Online Marketing Company who keep the social first philosophy being helpful, offering members the posting of photos, videos and valuable content and participating in group discussions have enjoyed success with Facebook pages.

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