Google AdSense Ads on HTTPS pages

Google on Monday announced that AdSense publisher can start putting ads on HTTPs pages.


Just create an ad unit in AdSense and paste the ad code into HTML code of your page. The old version of the ad code will won’t work for sites using HTTPs but the new will. Websites like eCommerce sites and social networking sites, using the HTTPS protocol to protect their user’s sensitive data. If you have a HTTPs website you’ll be pleased with how easy it to monetize using AdSense.

Sandor Sas who is a AdSense software engineer said that

“HTTPS-enabled site require that all content on the page including the ads be SSL-compliant. As a result, our system will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in this auction on these pages. This means you can convert your HTTP site to HTTPS, ads on your HTTP pages might earn less than those on your HTTP pages”.

User appears to be welcoming change. There are lot of thanks on Google’s Google+ post announcing the news.

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