Google Alerts No Longer Support RSS Delivery


After killing off Google Reader, the Internet giant has also closed down alerts via RSS.

According to Search Engine Land, Google Alerts by RSS have also been axed after the Reader became part of history.

Users who want to be notified by Google Alerts on specific phrases or topics will no longer be able to send them to Google Reader, which means their inboxes will become cluttered. Google drops Alerts through RSS

For those who are already using the service, a new message is set up that states “Google Reader is no longer available“. To continue receiving Google alerts, change to email delivery.”

While this feature could become an integrated part of other RSS readers that are trying to replace the Google service, it doesn’t seem like it could be done too soon since most are just waddling through at the moment.

Since there are more important updates that these services need to implement, getting to this type of alerts might take a while.

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