Google Glass Getting An App Store in 2014

Google will reportedly be launching a special app store just for Google Glass apps in 2014.

Earlier this summer, there were signs of Glass being supported in the Google play store, but nothing more has happened since then.

Glass is a tiny eyeglasses-mounted device capable of shooting photos, filming video, navigating through maps and surfing the internet in addition to offering text messaging. These have only been made available to developers in the US through Google’s Glass Explorer programme, but are expected to see a public release in 2014.


It would be interesting to see if Google would offer apps for Glass through a special section in its Play Store or develop a different destination for it.

As it stands Glass has no real storefront for developers to list their Glassware, although Googler Tomothy Jordan mentioned recently on Google+ that a process was coming soon. It’s also unclear whether or not Glassware will be available via play store as Glass currently only supports via web apps. It’s entirely possible standard APKs could be in the pipeline but it doesn’t seem like that’s really the focus for now.

Google will likely want a place that easily displays all Google Glass has to offer as people can buy it, so it makes sense to separate it out, even if it’s not completely separate from Google Play.


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