Google Now Lets You Export Gmail and Calendar Data

Google announced that it is adding a feature to Gmail and Google calendar that will let users download their data from the services. Google also offers the option to download a single archive of all account data across Gmail calendar, Google+, YouTube, Drive and more.

As announced in a post over at the official Google blog, users can now export their calendar data in the iCalendar format and Gmail archive in the MBOX format, both readily acceptable by Apple’s OS X/iOS calendar app and the stock OS X Mail program respectively.

Gmail-and-Calendar Data

It’s also possible to choose a subset of labels and/or calendars to export, for Gmail and Calendar respectively, if there’s only a particular part that you’re interested in keeping. That’s handy for maintaining separate work and personal archives, for instance.

As before you can also download a single archive file for multiple products with a copy of your Gmail, Calendar, Google+, YouTube, Drive and other Google data.

Google says that the option to download Gmail data will be rolled out to all the users over the next month, while the calendar data is available to download starting today.


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