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DuckDuckGo- A Private Search Engine Answered 1Billion Queries in 2013

According to a blogpost, DuckDuckGO, the search engine that doesn’t collect or share any of your personal information, processed a record of 1 billion searches in 2013.

DuckDuckGo reported that on January7, they had fielded more than 4.5 million search requests within 24 hours. However, this doesn’t exactly mean that DuckDuckGo will be a contender to companies like Google anytime soon. Google reportedly fielded something like 2 trillion search queries in 2013 alone.


Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo will never store historical search data or inundate you with targeted ads. Much like T-Mobile, the search engine’s spirited message convinced a great deal of users to rethink what they had been told was the status quo.

“People are making major changes in their online habits and looking for ways to protect their private information from US government surveillance” said chief executive Robert Beens.


Pinterest-Bought A Visual Search Startup

Pinterest recently acquired VisualGraph, a company that develops object recognition technology. This recent purchase of VisualGraph makes apparent that Pinterest want to leverage its 70 million users and associated pins to better serve the users who are searching Pinterest for topic-specific images.

With image recognition, Pinterest can go one step further and help algorithmically group images based on machine code, instead of having to rely on users pinning the two images together under a single banner. VisualGraph could help optimize the serving of relevant Pinterest ads without the need to collect endless image meta data.


Google may be a tough opponent for Pinterest-still Google currently does a pretty good job with their image search, one thing their results lack is an association with a large image based community. Pinterest’s defining feature may give the social media site an edge in the image-search game.


Google Introduces Voice Search ‘Ok Google’ On Chrome For Desktop

Google has released a chrome extension that brings the voice-activated “Ok Google” command to the browser. When installed, it allows those on the desktop to speak their commands to the browser using the “OK Google” hotword.

The extension also supports reminders, so you can say “Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes.” Once installed, you’ll have to give Chrome permission to access your computer’s microphone. Then, a “Say OK Google” notice will appear in the search bar. When it recognizes your voice, a red microphone will appear and Google will type what you say before giving you an answer. The extension is explicitly labeled as a beta, but it seems to work well.

You need to be on the Google search page for it to work, and it won’t read out all your answers — so its functionality is limited.

For those who are worried about Google listening to all your conversations, the default setting will stop listening for “OK Google” commands after five minutes, which the search giant says saves battery life. A shaded microphone means that it’s listening; the outline of a microphone means that it’s not.

How many links you should have on a page-Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts posted a video explaining why Google no longer has that 100 links per page webmaster guideline.

Cutts says “It used to be the case that Google bot and our indexing system would truncate at 100 or 101K, and anything beyond that wouldn’t get indexed, and what we did, was we said, ‘Okay, if the page is 101K, 100K, then, you know, it’s reasonable to expect roughly one link per kilobyte, and therefore, something like 100 links on a page.’ So that was in our technical guidelines, and we said, you know, ‘This is what we recommend,’ and a lot of people assumed that if they had 102 links or something like that then we would view it as spam, and take action, but that was just kind of a rough guideline”

Matt also explained that your PageRank is divided by the number of links on a page. If you have 100 links, you’ll divide your PageRank by 100. If you have 1,000 links, you’ll divide your PageRank by 1,000.

If you’re concerned about having too many links on a page, Cutts suggests getting a “regular user,” and testing it out with them to see if they think it has too many links.

Google Provides Now Brand-New Integration For Your Gmail

Google launched a new feature for Gmail users today that lets them save email attachments directly in their drive account without ever leaving Gmail.

Now you’ll be able to click a new drive icon next to attachments and select a folder to save right within Gmail. This new feature is more convenient for Drive users, saving an attachment to drive make it easier for Google to keep you within the Gmail browser window and sell more drive storage.


You can now save your attachments directly to Drive simply by clicking the Drive button that appears when you hover the preview. If you prefer to download the attachments to your computer, you can just click the arrow button. The feature is rolling out over the course of next week.


Google Helpouts –New Video Streaming Tutorial Service

Google has officially announced the launch of Google helpouts after several months, it’s a new offering that people and businesses can use to make money via live social video.

Google said on its blog that its goal with Helpouts is simply to “Help people help each other.” Helpouts can open a new brand new revenue stream for the Mountain View, Calif.-based search company.


Five ways Google can make money of its new Helpout service.

  • Charge Experts

Google allows now experts to set a price for their help. When Google tested this service, it took a 20% cut of the paid Helpouts as a platform fee. It should also be noted that Google will not charge medical professionals for health care Helpouts.

  • Charges Brand

You can get help from individuals or from brands you already know and trust. Google could promote these Helpouts in search results, similar to how advertising works in Google Maps, it will be another tool Google can add to its ever-growing portfolio of marketing services.

  • Bring More small Businesses to Google Service

It will give small businesses a chance to market their expertise for free or cheap and maybe generate a few extra dollars for the company. For Google, it’s another way to get more small businesses involved in its lucrative advertising platform.

  • Traffic from About.Com and WikiHow

Google search is the number one destination for people to answer a question or get help. With Helpouts Google can keep this traffic for itself, as well as the advertising revenue that the traffic generates.

  • More users on Google Plus

Google continues to push its Google plus social network by requiring users to sign up in order to use other services. Gmail accounts, YouTube and Hangouts are all tied to Google plus platforms and Helpouts are no different. Google Helpouts appears to be a service that benefits everyone involved, including users, small businesses, big companies and of course Google.

The beauty of Helpouts is its simplicity and it is a wonderful simple idea, using a webcam to show someone how to do something seems blindingly obvious-but this is the first time it has really been implemented in such a way as to be accessible and workable.



Bing includes Pins in Image Searches

Microsoft Bing team announced a new feature in image search results UI by integrating Pinterest boards. Microsoft already integrated Pinterest in Bing image search results with the pin to Pinterest feature, allowing you to pin and save results directly from Bing image search.

Now, whenever you do an image search on Bing, you’ll see Pinterest boards appear in the top-right corner. But this search feature is only available to U.S members at the moment, if you’d like to see it in action, you can click the gear icon in the top right corner of Bing and manually change your location to the U.S.


Image collections are great for a search like Halloween craft ideas, where we bring together cute pictures from around the web with creative collections by people who are passionate about decorating their house in the best way possible.

Earlier this year, Bing added Pinterest pinning functionality to image search, enabling users to pin the images they find on Blog back to their boards back on Pinterest. Pinterest itself recently added more info to article pins, potentially helping drive more web traffic to articles and blog posts.

Google AdSense Ads on HTTPS pages

Google on Monday announced that AdSense publisher can start putting ads on HTTPs pages.


Just create an ad unit in AdSense and paste the ad code into HTML code of your page. The old version of the ad code will won’t work for sites using HTTPs but the new will. Websites like eCommerce sites and social networking sites, using the HTTPS protocol to protect their user’s sensitive data. If you have a HTTPs website you’ll be pleased with how easy it to monetize using AdSense.

Sandor Sas who is a AdSense software engineer said that

“HTTPS-enabled site require that all content on the page including the ads be SSL-compliant. As a result, our system will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in this auction on these pages. This means you can convert your HTTP site to HTTPS, ads on your HTTP pages might earn less than those on your HTTP pages”.

User appears to be welcoming change. There are lot of thanks on Google’s Google+ post announcing the news.