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Google’s Location History Browser

Quick! Where you were last Wednesday at 7.30 PM? If you carry any Android phone or tablet, Google now can automatically figure out where you work and warn you about traffic.


Google launched the first version of this tool around the same time that they launched Latitude. After they killed latitude off, they kept their location browser around, polishing it up and adding new little tricks as time went on.

It’s mind-blowing to think about how much data they’re gathering, if you’re suddenly realizing there’s location or two that you’d rather weren’t sitting in your history, you can wipe it on a day-by-day basis or clean your entire location slate in one fell swoop.

Facebook Tweaks Mobile App Ads

Facebook has announced new mobile app as options to developers to help drive up engagement. The ads let developers make use of seven specific calls to action choices to include in their apps.

In its first phase of mobile app ads, Facebook offered one call to action: “Install now”. Now the company is moving into the second phase and has added seven more: “Open Link”, “Use App”, “Shop Now”, “Play Game”, “Book Now”, “Listen Now” and “Watch Video”, which are all designed to increase engagement with existing apps.


Facebook launched its in-app ads last September, and they have driven more than 145 million installs from Apple’s App store and Google Play, according to Facebook. The change in calls to action was partially influenced by a study conducted by Localytics, which found that 66% of app users only open apps between one and 10 times.

The idea of re-engaging users is a familiar one in Online Marketing. Now the Facebook can take the form of targeting users who have already installed a mobile App and then presenting them with custom calls to action.  A Facebook spokesperson noted that the new calls to action should make the ads more tailorable to apps beyond gaming. They also said this won’t change the way the company charges for the ads.

For Facebook itself, mobile app install ads have helped drive its rapid rise in mobile ad sales, which accounted for 41% of total ad revenue in the second quarter. While not providing specific numbers Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg said in the July earning call that revenue from the app ads continued to accelerate.


Google AdSense Ads on HTTPS pages

Google on Monday announced that AdSense publisher can start putting ads on HTTPs pages.


Just create an ad unit in AdSense and paste the ad code into HTML code of your page. The old version of the ad code will won’t work for sites using HTTPs but the new will. Websites like eCommerce sites and social networking sites, using the HTTPS protocol to protect their user’s sensitive data. If you have a HTTPs website you’ll be pleased with how easy it to monetize using AdSense.

Sandor Sas who is a AdSense software engineer said that

“HTTPS-enabled site require that all content on the page including the ads be SSL-compliant. As a result, our system will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in this auction on these pages. This means you can convert your HTTP site to HTTPS, ads on your HTTP pages might earn less than those on your HTTP pages”.

User appears to be welcoming change. There are lot of thanks on Google’s Google+ post announcing the news.

Facebook Advertiser Professional Photos at No extra charges

One of the more preferred advertising channels is obviously Facebook.  Partly because so many people use it, but also because it provides advertisers with so much data to make decisions based on.

Facebook advertiser will now have access to millions of stock photos that are commercially licensed and available for all Facebook ad formats at no additional cost. This new effort seems to be connected to Facebook’s initiative to streamline its advertising with the hopes of making ads look and feel more consistent.


When creating a group of Facebook ads, image uploader allows people to select a range of page photos, images from previous ads and shutterstock images. The ability to simultaneously upload multiple images means advertisers can now create multiple ads at one time for a single campaign, and test images to increase performance of their campaigns.

By using Facebook to help promote your photography business and keep touch with your existing customers, it can become a very valuable tool in your Online marketing strategy.