Twitter Launches Broad Match For Keywords

Twitter announced a new feature that it calls “broad match for keyword targeting” which allow advertisers running keyword targeted campaigns to reach users who are using synonyms alternate spellings, or “Twitter Lingo.”

For instance, if the coffee shop sells lattes but not espressos, it can use the “+” modifier on the broad matched terms to prevent broadening and targeting the wrong users. Targeting “love + latte” will match to users who tweet “luv latte,” but not those who tweet “luv espresso.”


Twitter says broad match is now available through and its advertiser API. Furthermore, broad match will be the default matching type for targeted keywords moving forward. Existing campaigns will remain unchanged and will be automatically opted into the “+” modifier to prevent broadening.

None of this is new, yet on social networks like Twitter, features are of utmost importance as users interact with the service in unique ways after all they only have 140 characters to work with.

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