The massive increase in the amount of information being uploaded in the internet has created a proportionately greater need for content management system. A content management system provides authoring, routing, updating, publishing and security functions for different types of content. When you go for custom design website, don’t ever try to forget include a content management system for your website. CMS has evolved into more than just publishing content, but also manage your work flow. There are couples of open source systems that come with built-in and configurable content management system. One in particular that we use quite often is WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS). It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. It is a very popular source blog publishing program that is installed on the user’s web server. A blog owner can manage and allow access to such functions such as writing and editing posts, creating pages, defining links, creating categories, moderating comments, managing plug-ins, managing themes and managing other users.

Make your site look great in about 5 minutes using WordPress:

Upon Installing WordPress, an administrator account with all capabilities is automatically created; the default role for new users can be set from the setting general subpanel. WordPress actually has two implementations which can confuse new users to the software, is a free service that allows anyone to create blogs using pre-built themes and tools, and the other is open source WordPress CMS software.

Let’s be honest out of the top three CMS WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, CMS WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, people are choosing WordPress more often. The story of how WordPress established itself is simple: bloggers had problems and WordPress provided services to fix those problems. WordPress is the easiest CMS for a non-techie to install and set-up, and the easiest way to use out of the gate. Anyone can set-up a blog on, it s easiest that hobbyist can start their own website or blog in weekend.  A blogger or news provider understands by nature that content is more important than technology; their ability to manipulate content will win out over technical features.

WordPress users have grown which has determined the developers and the community to grow along with them by creating something more than just a simple blog. WordPress CMS allows developers and designers more flexibility in customizing their look and functionality.

WordPress CMS feature:

  • It has a simple and fast installation procedure.
  • WordPress CMS theme gives you the option to choose from their comprehensive appealing themes and templates.
  • All in one SEO pack- title tags, Meta descriptions.
  • It enables the experienced developers to customize their own design without any major restrictions.
  •  It allows you to integrate the use of multiple plug-ins and tools.
  • Light weight software, it does not hinder your page loading sped.
  • Allows you to install several WordPress security plug-ins, which helps to make your site more secure.
  • It lets you to edit content without having any need for code.

When using a WordPress for your website, you can set-up for a static front page that doesn’t look like a blog and then have a link an articles area on your website, where you can publish rich content articles. Search engines love WordPress. WordPress comes with self ping feature, this feature sends ping to different search engines while every time the blog updated.

Categorized blogging is one of the main advantages with WordPress; we can have any number of categories and can post in these categories, instead of having no categories and posting random stuff as in blogger. Basic blogs will always be free on and the basic service will continue to be upgraded with better feature.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • Less expensive to build.
  • SEO-friendly format.
  • Easy to connect with other social sites.
  • Spam Resistant.
  • Easy to make changes, design, update and customize.
  • Categorized blogging
  • Well known blogging platform for self hosted blog.
  • Easier to maintain because of built-in CMS
  • Allow you to easily install Google analytics and add a site map to your website.
  • Two way communications with visitors.
  • More brand awareness.
  • Reduced loss of work.
  • Ease of printing.

Times are tight and managing your own content of your website is a great way to contribute to savings cost. With the right set-up you’re able to customize every page or post you make to give you the highest possible of getting your pages in high search results positions.

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